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The Brown – Crusader and His Juliet Darling Plot Communist Dream.


The Brown – Crusader and His Juliet Darling Plot Communist Dream.

Dear Brown – C. He’s lived a wonderfully eventful life filled with dreams of one day being able to steer his beloved United – Kingdom into the waiting arms of his passionate Communist Masters.  But would Romeo ever find his Juliet to accompany him on his journey of ‘epiphony’?

In 1997 he saw his vision. The path opened up for him. He could see his Masters waiting, beckoning him forward into the ‘light’. He was transfixed. He had a ‘purpose’ in life at last and nothing was going to get in his way. That beautiful ‘ideal’ that he so fell in love with while studying at University, had presented itself to him at last. (Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride).

The path that he saw so vividly though, was strewn with obstacles and challenges. He had to battle through these trials and find his Juliet before entering the ‘Holy Grail’ of Communism.

First, he had to find a warrior. A fearless but ‘stupid man’ who would go before him. Slaying the dragons and beasties that would try to ‘stop’ him from reaching his dream. This warrior was a patsy called Blair Warrior. He was brave. He would do ‘all’ of Brown – C’s fighting and killing for him, and would be faithful at all times.

While the ‘Blair Warrior’ forged ahead along the winding, twisting path to Utopia, Brown – C could lay the foundations for his ‘Communist Masters’ who had promised him all of the riches of the world he desired. Riches were Brown – C’s speciality, which is why his first prize that the Blair Warrior won for him was the most valuable prize he could find. Complete and utter control of the UK economy.

Once Brown – C had the economy in his sweaty little chubby hands, he could start to unravel it without anyone seeing him. He would spend many long, cold, lonely nights, worshipping his ‘Masters’
and creating ‘illusions’ that would re-direct the glares and stares of anyone who might have reason to doubt his intentions.

The first illusion was that of a growing economy. The UK finances were in very good shape thanks to the major re-construction of our economic values. People were earning money. They were saving. They were buying their homes instead of renting, and affluence was being taken for granted. But! It all came at a price, and many of the UK’s citizens became ungrateful, so became very easy prey for the Warrior Blair to capture and enslave as Brown – C’s  ‘Worker Drones’. Doing all of his bidding at the click of his fingers.

Brown – C, being Scottish, had a sharp mind when it came to money. He knew that the best way to ‘lose’ money, was to gamble with it. Then when you’d lost it, you would borrow more and more of the stuff until you were ‘ruined’. Open then to control and manipulation by the seediest members of the human race and beyond.

Gordon’s eye was set firmly on his Holy Grail and ‘nothing’ was now going to stop him. So he set about dismantling the British economy by gambling with our money, losing it, and then borrowing more to fill the black holes he was continually digging.

Not content with driving the British economy into muddy waters, he then compounded it all by getting the Blair Warrior to encourage us ALL to start the gambling and borrowing cycle so that we’d also be driven to the point of exhaustion and civil unrest.

We were all offered extraordinary buying power. Credit was FREE!

Mortgages were on tap for anyone and everyone to ‘gamble’ with in the property market. The prizes were very high for the winners. But as with all gambling, there are always far more ‘losers’ than winners, but the carrot was dangled by the Blair Warrior and many people tried to eat it. Sadly, all they got was the bitter after-taste of defeat and loss.

Businesses were encouraged to borrow relentlessly to expand. They were taken on and beaten by the Blair Warrior who informed them all that the ‘good times’ were coming. That ‘The only way was UP!’ (Yes, ‘up’ to no good, Blair Warrior). For a long time businesses were being ‘fed’ as much credit as they could handle. While at the same time, having it ‘usurped’ through stealth – taxes. Rising fuel costs, and red tape that would cost those businesses many man-hours to accommodate. Slowly bringing many to their knees and ‘begging’ for more of the same.

Of course, the Blair Warrior would deflect the accusations from savvy business folk towards our other Masters within the European Union. They were an easy target. Not democratically elected, and  certainly not answerable to ‘anyone at all’. That was Brown – C’s trump card. He could get away with ‘anything’ if he could get the Blair Warrior to deflect everything in ‘that’ direction.

For Ten Years Brown – C got the Blair Warrior to fight all of his battles, while he systematically dismantled the British economy. At the end of ten years he was ready. The Blair Warrior could now be released from his duties. Rewarded with ‘respectabilty’ that he’d certainly ‘not’ earned, and very high residual incomes that couldn’t be affected by inflation or economic collapse.

It was now the Brown – Crusader’s turn to inflict the final ‘thrust’ of the deadly sword into the heart of the British way of life. No more democracy. No more self control. We were now ready, trussed up, and ready to be handed to his ‘Masters’ that he fell so in love with all those years ago. His Juliet appeared as the lovely (if not rather slimy) Juliet Darling. Brown – C handed him the Golden Chalice which was, the British economy, and between them, held the deadly sword together and ‘plunged’ it into all of our hearts.

Brown – C and his Juliet Darling are set to run into the arms of their Communist Masters (the Holy Grail) and reap their rewards for having overcome all of the challenges set before them at the start of their wonderful journey.

Good luck.    Pete.


The Socialist Truth About Capitalism.


The Socialist Truth About Capitalism.
It appears ‘the chickens have come home to roost’ at last. The economic ‘theatre’ of the last few days has played out very well to a standing ovation by those who were invited to the ‘premiere’ on this day the 31st of September 2008.

They were a select ‘few’ of the grand and grandiose who funded this elaborate play in the first place. So of course they would have the best seats on the opening night.

This theatrical offering entitled; ‘The Socialist Truth About Capitalism’ started with a young lad about 5 years old, just starting school, where he would be taught to read, write and do his sums accurately.

He was taught to worship ‘The Lord’ and to be very afraid of upsetting him. The Lord was to be obeyed at all costs because if he wasn’t, there would be ‘severe consequences’.

This young lad was also told just how important his Country was to him, and learned exciting stories of how his forefathers had overcome insurmountable odds to ‘guarantee’ the ‘freedoms’ of every citizen in the land. He was very proud to know that he was also learning the ways of serving his ‘Lord and Master’ and that one day ‘he’ might be called upon to protect those ‘freedoms’ himself.

As the lad passed into his teens, he started to be taught the rules of engagement in the world of commerce. To fight like a soldier in battle. Every day he must ‘produce’ a profit. He must ‘capture’ that profit and stockpile it in the banks of his great nation so that ‘The Lord’ would be kept happy, and the lad would curry favour in the form of ‘success’ and ‘wealth’.

This tuition carried on through his college years, and he became very adept at making money for ‘The Lord’ any and every way he could. As promised, in return for stock-piling money in his countries banks, he was rewarded with success in his chosen vocation, which as a natural ‘consequence’ also gave him ‘wealth’.

The young lad was now becoming a Man, and with that came ‘responsibility’. A wife, children, and home all had to be looked after and paid for from ‘the fruits’ of his success. Of course, he was more than happy to accept his responsibility and was very happy to use the money that he had been stock-piling in his countries bank over the years. After all, wasn’t that the whole purpose?

‘The Lord’ noticed that the money was leaving the bank.
HIS bank. The bank of ‘The Country’ that he was ‘The Lord’ over. The Lord wasn’t best pleased. Hadn’t the lad been educated since he was a child that his purpose was to  ‘Serve The lord’? That included stock-piling money in his banks in return for success and ‘some’ wealth.

‘The Lord’ decided that there must be ‘consequences’ here.
That a precedent had to be established, so he put up ‘barriers’ that weren’t tangible, but which would inhibit the young man’s ability to make enough money to keep ‘The Lord’ happy and satisfied.

The young man didn’t know ‘why’ he wasn’t able to make enough money now. He only knew that his repayments on the loan he took out to buy his house were not being met. His children were going hungry, and the relationship between himself and his wife was souring because of the ‘tension’ caused by these invisible barriers that he just couldn’t see.

Life was turning really bad for the young man who had started out with so much promise. Who stock-piled money in his countries banks for his ‘Lord and Master’. Who thought he was doing everything he had been taught in the art of ‘survival’ and ‘subservience’ to ‘The Lord’. So much so, that now, the young man had to go to ‘The Lord’ cap-in-hand to ask for assistance.

The ‘freedoms’ that his forefathers fought so valiantly to protect. The spirit of ‘capitalism’ that allowed ‘any’ man or woman to go out and ‘earn’ their wealth.
‘Where’ were these things?

‘Where’ did they go?

‘When’ did they go?

Did we ever have them in the first place?

Was it all just a ‘dream’ configured in his mind by ‘years’ of education that had just ‘ONE’ aim?

To control him?

To manufacture a biological ‘cyborg’ to do the ‘will’ of ‘The Lord’?

Those are the ‘hanging’ lines at the end of the production.
When a whole nation is controlled by the wishes of ‘The Few’ for their ‘own good’, then surely ‘that’ is ‘socialism’.

But the way ‘money’ was accumulated into the bank of ‘The Lord’ was obviously ‘capitalism’. Hence the title of this theatrical ‘Farce’;

‘The Socialist Truth About Capitalism’.


Remarks in the news today are suggesting that America is becoming a ‘socialist – capitalistic’ economy.

I would like to suggest that it has ‘never’ been anything BUT!

‘The Few’ funded the play and are insistent on receiving ‘PROFITS’.

We should be getting ourselves prepared for ‘the consequences’ which have already started to be enforced.

Haven’t we suddenly found ‘invisible barriers’ reducing our earning power? That where a few months ago there were NO debts, and now there are hundreds of thousands of people ‘losing’ their homes and businesses as ‘consequences’ for ‘taking’ out too much money from the banks of ‘The Few’.  AKA – ‘The Lord’.

When we use ‘credit’, we are taking money from the bank of ‘The Few’. This is a ‘trap’ set by ‘The Few’ who used the awesome power of their controlled media to encourage us all to ‘take’ the credit being offered. We took the bait, and are now receiving ‘the consequences’.

‘The Few’? They cannot lose. All banks are ‘theirs’. They control every one. By moving money from one financial institution to another, they can inflict untold misery on selected sections of the ‘community’.

No ‘actual money’ ever leaves their system, it just gets moved around. A few strokes of a computer keyboard is all that’s needed to move ‘digits’ in the ‘ether’ from one bank to another. The ‘consequences’ are devastating for some, but an absolute ‘windfall’ for others.

C’mon Dog,   HEEEEL!!


Political Correctness Breaks Up Communities.


Political Correctness Breaks Up Communities.
Another little ‘tool’ used by ‘The Few’ here that is extremely successful at breaking up ‘communities’.  Commonly known as; ‘The Political Correctness Brigade’.

Every society. Every community. Every Family, argue. And yes, believe it or not they call each other names. Sometimes really terrible and hurtful names at that.  But they get over it, make up, and all’s well again.

Weren’t we all taught that little rhyme when we were children, specifically designed to deal with these slants against us? “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will ‘never’ hurt me”.

Probably one of the most ‘basically important’ rhymes to learn when dealing with growing up and living our lives like well-grounded, ‘normallly healthy’ individuals.

Much like going out and falling over. Grazing our knees. Falling out of trees, etc, etc. All lessons in life that we need to learn to be ‘independant thinkers and doers’.

There lies the problem you see. ‘The Few’ have a long term plan that will see us ‘stripped’ of the ability to ‘think’ as an individual. To ‘act’ as an individual. And ‘be’ an individual.

‘The Few’ want us to all be ‘compliant’ with whatever ‘they’ tell us. If ‘they’ tell us the World IS really flat after all, WE will eventually be so compliant as to believe it without question. To do this, they have to implant the idea that ‘every’ decision made on ‘our’ behalf, is done purely for our own good. No Exceptions.

Political Correctness is the strongest tool that enables ‘The Few’ to do this. We are controlled quite rigidly at present by the ‘Word Police’. You really can be arrested and imprisoned for writing something that is ‘Politically incorrect’. Though usually it is only fines as I’m writing this. If you don’t or won’t pay that fine, you ‘will’ be imprisoned.

This idea that it is WRONG to offend others with your WORDS is encouraged, and indeed backed up by many western governments by ‘rewarding’ those that complain about being ‘slighted’ verbally or in print.

We’ve all heard about the crazy compensation payouts made to these ‘twisted’ individuals haven’t we? One case that sticks in my gullet like a very sharp fish bone is the case here in the UK a while ago, where an employee was awarded literally £1,000’s in compensation  because he was Irish, and another worker called him ‘Paddy’.

You may laugh, snigger, think I’m making it up. But I would assume that as it was so well documented in the world press at the time, (as a warning to us all) that you could easily Google the case and re-discover the madness for yourself.

If you’re a ‘lefty do-gooder’ reading this right now, and you’re wondering how on earth I could possibly find anything wrong with that concept, then I’m afraid YOU are already a ‘victim’. Your mind is no longer your own. You’ve been ‘indoctrinated’ and ‘processed’ to perfection. It was very likely done while you were at University or college, as these are the main ‘processing’ centres throughout the world.
(Not ALL Universities I might add. Just those with affiliation to ‘The Few).

As for colour, race, sexual preferences, political alliances, sexism, feminism, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless I know. But be assured here…..Your MIND is being messed with here.

Your every thought is being ‘trained’ just like you’d train your dog. When you ‘disobey’ the commands made by ‘The Few’ there WILL be consequences. Usually financial to begin with. But eventually your very ‘liberty’ will be an alien concept if we DARE to disobey our masters.

C’mon Dog….HEEL!!

Communities are already being divided by ‘Political Correctness’ gone mad. Both small and large. But to be forewarned, is to be Fore Armed’. Do NOT get dragged into the ‘PC’ game. DON’T play along with it. Have NOTHING to do with it and ‘The Few’ will be outsmarted by YOU!

These thoughts, hopefully will be passed on to all and everyone you know. The fight-back HAS to start NOW!

‘The Few’ have the upper hand. They are in control by using their ‘stealth’ tactics. If we surprise them by ‘catching’ them in the act. By letting them know that WE KNOW what their game is. They will LOSE some of their power, and we can start exposing their ‘other’ tactics and making THOSE less powerful too.

Remember….Political Correctness is NOT COOL.


Bank Owners FORCE Economical Meltdown.


Bank Owners FORCE Economical Meltdown.
Whatever you believe about the different economies and the different Banks, there really are only a couple of ‘Puppeteers’ in the banking world.

These Pupetteers control exactly HOW the money is ‘played’ from one bank to another, maximizing more and more profit for themselves along the way. Independant banks are ‘allowed’ to make good profits for themselves and their customers along the way. After all, if you breed turkeys, you don’t underfeed them do you? No, you ‘fatten’ them up until they’re ready to be ‘killed’ and then ‘eaten up’ to benefit the ‘feeder’.

The ‘feeders’, or as I like to refer to them ‘The Few’, will ‘fatten up’ banks by way of deceit usually, to get the most  investment possible flowing into them. Then once the pre-determined investment peak is reached, ‘The Few’ declare a shortfall along the line somewhere, causing investors to ‘panick’. To try and get their money out as soon as possible. This causes their share value to drop ‘very’ low. Yes, low hanging fruit people. Very easy to just ‘take’ now with the least effort, at the cheapest price.

Anyone who has ever been to an auction of bankrupt stock will know just how rediculously ‘low’ you can buy things for. It’s the same with Banks. Once they’re seen to be in trouble, the ‘feeder’ who has already ‘eaten’ the main body of the bird, buys up the carcass for himself to ‘feed’ other up and coming young birds. ‘Ready for the Slaughter.

Almost ALL major banks can be traced back to just a couple of families who are also ‘heavy-hitters’ in the Media World. Any logical checks through Google will  identify these families. They are the puppeteers who pull the strings of ‘the feeders’. They are also the ‘The Few’ who buy up the wasted carcass of banks who’ve been  ‘eaten’ from the inside out.
“What! gets eaten?” I can hear you say.

WE! get eaten. Or at least our finances do.

All the ‘energy’ we put into accumulating a certain standard of living by working hard and ‘saving’ diligently gets ‘eaten’. Our ‘energy’ is a currency. ‘The Few’ live OFF of our energy. Without it ‘they’ would not have POWER over us.

Our ‘energy’ provides the currency that is exchanged for ‘money’. We all need money to get by from day to day. We all need to exchange ‘our free energy’ for money by way of ‘working’ for a living. Whether that be ‘manually’ or ‘mentally’, it is still an exchange of values. ENERGY in exchange for MONEY.

At any time, and it’s usually ten or eleven year cycles. ‘The Few’ organise a downturn in the World economy. ‘The Press’ (Media) that they control, causes us all to get into a state of ‘panick’. As soon as we start to panick, everything gets ‘scarce’, and therefore more expensive.

Suddenly our energy isn’t worth so much. Our ‘money’ which we’ve been carefully investing for our future, (if we’re able to), suddenly DROPS in value.

Those who were encouraged to ‘borrow’ at good interest rates, suddenly find the carpet ‘pulled’ from under their feet. Meaning that the ‘energy’ THEY were expecting to exchange for money each week or month isn’t worth anything LIKE they thought it was. People who have borrowed on the encouragement of their own Government and Media, have now been well and truly ‘Shafted’.

There is no other word for it. The strategy is well proven. It’s been used for hundreds of years successfully over our history, and it will be used successfully again in our ‘Future’.

To get a better understanding of the strategies of ‘The Few’, you need to read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ and it’s associated publications which are FREE at present.

Googgle now to get started on The Prelude of; ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’. (It’s Free!)

Take Care.



DNA Bank Breaks up Communities.


DNA Bank Breaks up Communities.
Throughout this blog you’ll find me referring to ‘The Few’.
Hopefully, you’ll have read my book ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’.
If not, then please Google the title. It will take you to the FREE!  PDF E-book which you can either read from the link, or preferably, save to your computer and print it out so that you can read it ‘anywhere’ in the house, car, work, pub etc, etc……. But Just DO IT!
(As the well known saying goes)
‘The Few’ are a force that seeks to undermine and ‘control’ the Whole of the World’s society.
They come up with secret strategies that enable them to ‘Divide and Conquer’. By far the very best ‘proven’ way to control any society, large or small.

‘The Few’ have been ‘gifted’ the amazing tool for this in the form of a ‘World DNA Bank’. At present it would cost you a whole lot of money to obtain specific DNA files. But, there are unscrupulous businesses out there that will, for a fee, provide you with results from DNA samples provided.

More often than not to establish factual, scientific evidence of fatherhood. (After all, it’s only the woman in any relationship who’ll usually know the real truth)

It’s usually children that seek out this information. There seems to be a BIG hang-up about ‘blood’ relationships. To my mind, if a man has brought up a child as his own, then he IS the father, but that’s obviously open to discussion.

When a father and child fall out, the child may WANT to establish that infact their ‘Father’ has no right to remonstrate or discipline that child. Spite takes over, and a DNA identification service is sought. (If the money is available).

That’s the key here. Money.

If you’re not wealthy, at present you don’t have that option. But ‘The Few’ have been working on the ‘freedom of information act’ that will soon allow all and sundry to establish ‘for free’ their DNA profile. Not only that, but for a very small fee, anyone elses DNA profile.

So what happens when young Johnny or Mary decide that Dad’s just a big pain in the ****?
They discover their spiteful streak and ‘buy’ the information that could destroy a whole family structure.

But forgetting childrens spite for the moment. What about the rogues out there that would blackmail a mother or father having obtain the evidence that the DNA profiles don’t match that of their child, or indeed children?
What life-long damage could be done there?

I totally agree that having a DNA Bank could prove extremely valuable in treating generic diseases, or most other medical conditions.
That YES, in detecting crime it has no equal, YET!

But ‘that’ is exactly ‘The Sweetner’ that ‘The Few’ have given us. To make us feel safer and healthier through the value of the ‘DNA Bank’.

I know that many people reading this will say I’m purely ‘scaremongering’. But just think for a minute here. If YOU wanted to break up a community, don’t you think that by causing irrepairable damage to numerous family units would do the trick? Of course it would, and ‘The Few’ have had this plan in the pipeline for years. They’ve crept up on us using their ‘baby-step’ tactics, and now they’re on the verge of tapping us on the shoulder and declaring “We’ve Won!!”.

Hopefully this has given you food for thought, and allowed your sub-conscious mind to ‘process’ it for you.

There are none so blind as those who ‘Will Not See’.

The fog of deceit is very cleverly contrived. So don’t feel bad that you’ve been ‘suckered’ into a false sense of security by those very clever manipulators, ‘The Few’.

Stay with this blog, and the mist will be cleared for you.

Only YOU know whether you want to live in ‘the fog’. I know I wouldn’t want to live there, and I never will. Those of us who are looking in from the outside are getting stronger and stronger.

YOU can join us anytime. You just need to open your mind to the possibility that ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ is a ‘factual’ work and not pure fantasy.

Catch you later,



Our Extinct Community Spirit.


Our Extinct Community Spirit.
Why are our ‘communities’ under a constant threat?

Why are thriving communities being systematically dismantled and replaced with ‘basic’ living conditions?

Why, when community spirit has been proved to be so ‘valuable’ to us as a ‘species’ is it deemed necessary to dismember them at all costs?
The answer to these questions lies in the title of this blog post….’Spirit’.

If you have read the book; ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’, you will know that the emphasis is on the unknown force I call ‘The Few’ who are hell-bent on ruling this beautiful planet of ours for it’s own ends.

To do that, it must ‘break’ our Spirit:
Our Determination to succeed.
Our Optimism.
Our Enthusiasm.
Our Ambitions, and our inbuilt ‘Longing’ to be loved and appreciated by our ‘Community’.

If ‘The Few’ can break up our ‘communities’, then they’re halfway there.
On our own, we’re weakened. Humans aren’t designed to be ‘Solitary’ beings, even though many of us (myself included) quite like the solace of our own company. Every single one of us feels ‘comfortable’ once we’re back in our particular community.
How do you think WW2 was Won?
Was it because everyone lived solitary lives and couldn’t give a **** about their neighbours?
NO! Of course it wasn’t. It was won because the ‘Human Spirit’ was bouyed up by our ‘Community Spirit’.
We all felt the threat to our community and those we held dear to us. Our loved ones especially. In the UK the ‘Bull-Dog Spirit’ came to life and nothing was going to beat it.

‘The Human Collective Consciousness’ of the nation was at work and miracles happened. How could this one insignificant Nation take the might of Germany on, and win?

YES! The Americans DID save our bacon that’s true. But isn’t America just part of the ‘bigger’ Community at work here?
Now ‘The Few’ like to do things in baby-steps so that we don’t see what they’re doing.

Did you play ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ when you were a child?
The Wolf would creep very slowly up behind you so that when you turned your head really fast to try and catch them moving, more often than not, you didn’t.

‘The Few’ play the same game.
They creep up on us extremely slowly so that if we DO turn to see if we can catch them out, they can STOP! And remain undetected.

In the UK, (and elsewhere I might add). Smoking is now taboo.
Why is smoking taboo and drinking alcohol NOT?  Hmmmmm.

What is the one place where our beloved ‘communities’ gather to talk about the day, days gone by, and putting the world to rights. Not to mention finding suitable partners and more friends?

That’s right, ‘The Pub’.  A great British institution that is envied and copied the World over because of it’s social value, and it’s pleasing atmosphere. Nearly ALL working class communities in the UK have their ‘local’ which is their ‘hub’.

Or should I really be saying;… ‘DID’ have their ‘local’?

You see, ‘The Few’ decided to make smoking abhorant to society. It fed us with horror stories of the dangers to our health.
The cost to our nations with regard to health-care.
The repugnant smell we carry with us wherever we go.
Even the fact that Mothers who smoke are Harming their unborn child by doing so.

Talk about harking onto our conscience there. Why wouldn’t common-sense prevail, and the ‘World Community’ shun smokers as a whole? After all, the evidence is there for ALL to see.
Smoking Kills. FACT!

But so do motor cars.

Alcohol causes more death and destruction than motor cars and smoking put together.

So WHY Oh WHY don’t we get shot of alcohol?

Because alcohol ‘confuses’ our mind.
Makes it easy to manipulate.
Makes it far easier for ‘The Few’ to remain undetected in the game called ‘The Big Bad Wolf’.

Smoking, if anything, sharpens the human mind. Can’t have that can we? So smoking is now considered abhorrant by many more of us than before, and as a result, the Pubs are shutting down in the UK in their hundreds ‘weekly’. The smoking ban has hit the  pub trade SO HARD that it cannot survive.

YES! We still have the ever growing numbers of ‘town pubs’. Those lower class night-clubs if you will. But if you’ve ever been in one you’ll know that the ‘prime objective’ of these dwellings, is to get the customers as drunk as possible in the shortest time possible.

‘Community Spirit’?…….Not on your Nelly. Violence, threats of violence and sexual assaults YES!
Drug-taking and general messing with the mind? YES!
But ‘Community-Spirit’?……NO!……SORRY…..Can’t be found here.

In the meantime, ‘The Few’ are weaseling away in the background.

Pubs shutting? … ‘Tick’. Communities floundering? …’Tick’.
Minds getting messed about with through drug abuse? … ‘Tick’.

What about the community though?
It’s still there….. ‘JUST’.

OK. It’s time to sink the ‘killer-punch’. ‘The Few’ arrange for swathes of particularly ‘good’ housing to be emptied of it’s ‘community’ in the name of ‘up-grading’ the said community.
Families are disbanded. Moved into different areas of the borough/County, and often even different areas of the Country.
(All for their own good you understand).

Sometimes re-development takes place fairly quickly. (A couple of years if you’re lucky). More often than not, it takes upwards of FIVE years. In which time, any community that thought they were going back to their ‘normality’ are very sadly disappointed.
That community is disbanded permanently without any possibility of ever being re-united again.

The USA are now experiencing the same phenomenon, except over there ‘DEBT’ is the preferred tool used to disband WHOLE  ‘communities’.
Does this sound about right??

JOB DONE! ‘The Few’ are celebrating in style. Another baby-step has been taken without us seeing what they were up to. If you need confirmation of this strategy, just take a look at that once MAGNIFICANT example of TRUE community spirit; LIVERPOOL.

The World Capital of empty houses that housed ‘REAL’ communities.
That had ‘REAL’ community spirit running through it’s very SOUL.
That community spirit is on it’s very last legs. It’s dying a slow and extremely painful death. Helped along by drug and alcohol abuse, there is no way back unless a ‘Miracle’ happens.

Do miracles happen?
Not often, but ‘The Human Collective Consciousness’ has provided us with miracles before. Maybe it can be ‘ignited’ again before the whole World suffers the same fate.

Call back to learn HOW, or read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ NOW!
Tell me you’ve NOT been HAD! 

Go on, TELL Me.

Comment on this blog to vent your spleen.

(Don’t forget to come back now)




Our DNA. More Valuable than Diamonds??


Our DNA. More Valuable than Diamonds??

Why? you might ask, are the World Governments
so keen to be able to store our personal DNA
structure records in massive ‘data banks’?

We’re told that it’s because of ‘terrorism’ and the
rising ‘crime’ figures.

Our DNA is being recorded and stored for ‘our own

Don’t forget ‘fraud’ here as well.
(Although these fraudsters, while genuinely a very
real threat to our personal financial security, won’t
have any trouble dreaming up new ways past the
DNA profiling).

Basically, we ‘give’ permission to our various govern-
ments to store our DNA because we’ve been told it’s
for our own good.

Threats can be easily made against our person. or
our loved ones, and the DNA bank will track down
these ‘Bad Guys’.
A very real and frightening problem yes.
But the DNA bank gives us ‘the solution’.
Why wouldn’t we agree?


Hitler tried to ethnically cleanse our World.
Saddam Hussain even had a half-hearted attempt.
But the US government were systematically ‘cleansing’
their society for years. All in the name of creating ‘The
Perfect Race’.

Children who developed mental diseases, or who were
born mentally sub-normal were steralised so that they
could no longer play a part in the evolution of the
‘Human Species’.

This practise was put on hold some years ago thanks to
a very public outcry.
(Or possibly because the DNA code had been unravelled)
Imagine this if you will:
Mothers are ‘screened’ during pregnancy as a matter of
course to check on their babies development. That’s fine.
The doctor or nurse takes a DNA sample and discovers
an unacceptable inherited gene in the structure.

The doctor or nurse on the next check up says they need
a vitamin boost for their unborn child, and the injection is
duly administered. Several days later, and the mother has
a miscarriage. Very sad for all involved, but these things
‘do’ happen……. Don’t they?

The family grieve for their child who might have been. They
eventually accept their fate, and try again for another baby.
The Government who instigated this ‘cleansing’ process is
happy that one more ‘defective’ unit has been discarded
from the evolutionary chain. Bringing a time ever closer to
the point when all human life will have almost identical
‘structure’, which includes our personality traits, and our
willingness to comply to basic instruction.

A breed of extremely fit, healthy, strong humanoids who
regularly live to be one hundred years old and more, will be
subserviant to the every ‘whim’ of ‘The Few’.

All because the DNA code was unravelled, and WE allowed
our own ‘secret code’ to be stored by inept government
‘stooges’ who themselves fit the exact DNA profile that
‘The Few’ are breeding as you read this Blog Post.
Your DNA ‘is’ more valuable than ‘life’ itself. The evolution
of the human race is being manipulated by the ‘knowlege’
that has been unleashed on us.

(In the name of PROTECTION)
Just another thought.