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DNA Bank Breaks up Communities.


DNA Bank Breaks up Communities.
Throughout this blog you’ll find me referring to ‘The Few’.
Hopefully, you’ll have read my book ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’.
If not, then please Google the title. It will take you to the FREE!  PDF E-book which you can either read from the link, or preferably, save to your computer and print it out so that you can read it ‘anywhere’ in the house, car, work, pub etc, etc……. But Just DO IT!
(As the well known saying goes)
‘The Few’ are a force that seeks to undermine and ‘control’ the Whole of the World’s society.
They come up with secret strategies that enable them to ‘Divide and Conquer’. By far the very best ‘proven’ way to control any society, large or small.

‘The Few’ have been ‘gifted’ the amazing tool for this in the form of a ‘World DNA Bank’. At present it would cost you a whole lot of money to obtain specific DNA files. But, there are unscrupulous businesses out there that will, for a fee, provide you with results from DNA samples provided.

More often than not to establish factual, scientific evidence of fatherhood. (After all, it’s only the woman in any relationship who’ll usually know the real truth)

It’s usually children that seek out this information. There seems to be a BIG hang-up about ‘blood’ relationships. To my mind, if a man has brought up a child as his own, then he IS the father, but that’s obviously open to discussion.

When a father and child fall out, the child may WANT to establish that infact their ‘Father’ has no right to remonstrate or discipline that child. Spite takes over, and a DNA identification service is sought. (If the money is available).

That’s the key here. Money.

If you’re not wealthy, at present you don’t have that option. But ‘The Few’ have been working on the ‘freedom of information act’ that will soon allow all and sundry to establish ‘for free’ their DNA profile. Not only that, but for a very small fee, anyone elses DNA profile.

So what happens when young Johnny or Mary decide that Dad’s just a big pain in the ****?
They discover their spiteful streak and ‘buy’ the information that could destroy a whole family structure.

But forgetting childrens spite for the moment. What about the rogues out there that would blackmail a mother or father having obtain the evidence that the DNA profiles don’t match that of their child, or indeed children?
What life-long damage could be done there?

I totally agree that having a DNA Bank could prove extremely valuable in treating generic diseases, or most other medical conditions.
That YES, in detecting crime it has no equal, YET!

But ‘that’ is exactly ‘The Sweetner’ that ‘The Few’ have given us. To make us feel safer and healthier through the value of the ‘DNA Bank’.

I know that many people reading this will say I’m purely ‘scaremongering’. But just think for a minute here. If YOU wanted to break up a community, don’t you think that by causing irrepairable damage to numerous family units would do the trick? Of course it would, and ‘The Few’ have had this plan in the pipeline for years. They’ve crept up on us using their ‘baby-step’ tactics, and now they’re on the verge of tapping us on the shoulder and declaring “We’ve Won!!”.

Hopefully this has given you food for thought, and allowed your sub-conscious mind to ‘process’ it for you.

There are none so blind as those who ‘Will Not See’.

The fog of deceit is very cleverly contrived. So don’t feel bad that you’ve been ‘suckered’ into a false sense of security by those very clever manipulators, ‘The Few’.

Stay with this blog, and the mist will be cleared for you.

Only YOU know whether you want to live in ‘the fog’. I know I wouldn’t want to live there, and I never will. Those of us who are looking in from the outside are getting stronger and stronger.

YOU can join us anytime. You just need to open your mind to the possibility that ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ is a ‘factual’ work and not pure fantasy.

Catch you later,



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