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Our DNA. More Valuable than Diamonds??


Our DNA. More Valuable than Diamonds??

Why? you might ask, are the World Governments
so keen to be able to store our personal DNA
structure records in massive ‘data banks’?

We’re told that it’s because of ‘terrorism’ and the
rising ‘crime’ figures.

Our DNA is being recorded and stored for ‘our own

Don’t forget ‘fraud’ here as well.
(Although these fraudsters, while genuinely a very
real threat to our personal financial security, won’t
have any trouble dreaming up new ways past the
DNA profiling).

Basically, we ‘give’ permission to our various govern-
ments to store our DNA because we’ve been told it’s
for our own good.

Threats can be easily made against our person. or
our loved ones, and the DNA bank will track down
these ‘Bad Guys’.
A very real and frightening problem yes.
But the DNA bank gives us ‘the solution’.
Why wouldn’t we agree?


Hitler tried to ethnically cleanse our World.
Saddam Hussain even had a half-hearted attempt.
But the US government were systematically ‘cleansing’
their society for years. All in the name of creating ‘The
Perfect Race’.

Children who developed mental diseases, or who were
born mentally sub-normal were steralised so that they
could no longer play a part in the evolution of the
‘Human Species’.

This practise was put on hold some years ago thanks to
a very public outcry.
(Or possibly because the DNA code had been unravelled)
Imagine this if you will:
Mothers are ‘screened’ during pregnancy as a matter of
course to check on their babies development. That’s fine.
The doctor or nurse takes a DNA sample and discovers
an unacceptable inherited gene in the structure.

The doctor or nurse on the next check up says they need
a vitamin boost for their unborn child, and the injection is
duly administered. Several days later, and the mother has
a miscarriage. Very sad for all involved, but these things
‘do’ happen……. Don’t they?

The family grieve for their child who might have been. They
eventually accept their fate, and try again for another baby.
The Government who instigated this ‘cleansing’ process is
happy that one more ‘defective’ unit has been discarded
from the evolutionary chain. Bringing a time ever closer to
the point when all human life will have almost identical
‘structure’, which includes our personality traits, and our
willingness to comply to basic instruction.

A breed of extremely fit, healthy, strong humanoids who
regularly live to be one hundred years old and more, will be
subserviant to the every ‘whim’ of ‘The Few’.

All because the DNA code was unravelled, and WE allowed
our own ‘secret code’ to be stored by inept government
‘stooges’ who themselves fit the exact DNA profile that
‘The Few’ are breeding as you read this Blog Post.
Your DNA ‘is’ more valuable than ‘life’ itself. The evolution
of the human race is being manipulated by the ‘knowlege’
that has been unleashed on us.

(In the name of PROTECTION)
Just another thought.



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