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Our Extinct Community Spirit.


Our Extinct Community Spirit.
Why are our ‘communities’ under a constant threat?

Why are thriving communities being systematically dismantled and replaced with ‘basic’ living conditions?

Why, when community spirit has been proved to be so ‘valuable’ to us as a ‘species’ is it deemed necessary to dismember them at all costs?
The answer to these questions lies in the title of this blog post….’Spirit’.

If you have read the book; ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’, you will know that the emphasis is on the unknown force I call ‘The Few’ who are hell-bent on ruling this beautiful planet of ours for it’s own ends.

To do that, it must ‘break’ our Spirit:
Our Determination to succeed.
Our Optimism.
Our Enthusiasm.
Our Ambitions, and our inbuilt ‘Longing’ to be loved and appreciated by our ‘Community’.

If ‘The Few’ can break up our ‘communities’, then they’re halfway there.
On our own, we’re weakened. Humans aren’t designed to be ‘Solitary’ beings, even though many of us (myself included) quite like the solace of our own company. Every single one of us feels ‘comfortable’ once we’re back in our particular community.
How do you think WW2 was Won?
Was it because everyone lived solitary lives and couldn’t give a **** about their neighbours?
NO! Of course it wasn’t. It was won because the ‘Human Spirit’ was bouyed up by our ‘Community Spirit’.
We all felt the threat to our community and those we held dear to us. Our loved ones especially. In the UK the ‘Bull-Dog Spirit’ came to life and nothing was going to beat it.

‘The Human Collective Consciousness’ of the nation was at work and miracles happened. How could this one insignificant Nation take the might of Germany on, and win?

YES! The Americans DID save our bacon that’s true. But isn’t America just part of the ‘bigger’ Community at work here?
Now ‘The Few’ like to do things in baby-steps so that we don’t see what they’re doing.

Did you play ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ when you were a child?
The Wolf would creep very slowly up behind you so that when you turned your head really fast to try and catch them moving, more often than not, you didn’t.

‘The Few’ play the same game.
They creep up on us extremely slowly so that if we DO turn to see if we can catch them out, they can STOP! And remain undetected.

In the UK, (and elsewhere I might add). Smoking is now taboo.
Why is smoking taboo and drinking alcohol NOT?  Hmmmmm.

What is the one place where our beloved ‘communities’ gather to talk about the day, days gone by, and putting the world to rights. Not to mention finding suitable partners and more friends?

That’s right, ‘The Pub’.  A great British institution that is envied and copied the World over because of it’s social value, and it’s pleasing atmosphere. Nearly ALL working class communities in the UK have their ‘local’ which is their ‘hub’.

Or should I really be saying;… ‘DID’ have their ‘local’?

You see, ‘The Few’ decided to make smoking abhorant to society. It fed us with horror stories of the dangers to our health.
The cost to our nations with regard to health-care.
The repugnant smell we carry with us wherever we go.
Even the fact that Mothers who smoke are Harming their unborn child by doing so.

Talk about harking onto our conscience there. Why wouldn’t common-sense prevail, and the ‘World Community’ shun smokers as a whole? After all, the evidence is there for ALL to see.
Smoking Kills. FACT!

But so do motor cars.

Alcohol causes more death and destruction than motor cars and smoking put together.

So WHY Oh WHY don’t we get shot of alcohol?

Because alcohol ‘confuses’ our mind.
Makes it easy to manipulate.
Makes it far easier for ‘The Few’ to remain undetected in the game called ‘The Big Bad Wolf’.

Smoking, if anything, sharpens the human mind. Can’t have that can we? So smoking is now considered abhorrant by many more of us than before, and as a result, the Pubs are shutting down in the UK in their hundreds ‘weekly’. The smoking ban has hit the  pub trade SO HARD that it cannot survive.

YES! We still have the ever growing numbers of ‘town pubs’. Those lower class night-clubs if you will. But if you’ve ever been in one you’ll know that the ‘prime objective’ of these dwellings, is to get the customers as drunk as possible in the shortest time possible.

‘Community Spirit’?…….Not on your Nelly. Violence, threats of violence and sexual assaults YES!
Drug-taking and general messing with the mind? YES!
But ‘Community-Spirit’?……NO!……SORRY…..Can’t be found here.

In the meantime, ‘The Few’ are weaseling away in the background.

Pubs shutting? … ‘Tick’. Communities floundering? …’Tick’.
Minds getting messed about with through drug abuse? … ‘Tick’.

What about the community though?
It’s still there….. ‘JUST’.

OK. It’s time to sink the ‘killer-punch’. ‘The Few’ arrange for swathes of particularly ‘good’ housing to be emptied of it’s ‘community’ in the name of ‘up-grading’ the said community.
Families are disbanded. Moved into different areas of the borough/County, and often even different areas of the Country.
(All for their own good you understand).

Sometimes re-development takes place fairly quickly. (A couple of years if you’re lucky). More often than not, it takes upwards of FIVE years. In which time, any community that thought they were going back to their ‘normality’ are very sadly disappointed.
That community is disbanded permanently without any possibility of ever being re-united again.

The USA are now experiencing the same phenomenon, except over there ‘DEBT’ is the preferred tool used to disband WHOLE  ‘communities’.
Does this sound about right??

JOB DONE! ‘The Few’ are celebrating in style. Another baby-step has been taken without us seeing what they were up to. If you need confirmation of this strategy, just take a look at that once MAGNIFICANT example of TRUE community spirit; LIVERPOOL.

The World Capital of empty houses that housed ‘REAL’ communities.
That had ‘REAL’ community spirit running through it’s very SOUL.
That community spirit is on it’s very last legs. It’s dying a slow and extremely painful death. Helped along by drug and alcohol abuse, there is no way back unless a ‘Miracle’ happens.

Do miracles happen?
Not often, but ‘The Human Collective Consciousness’ has provided us with miracles before. Maybe it can be ‘ignited’ again before the whole World suffers the same fate.

Call back to learn HOW, or read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ NOW!
Tell me you’ve NOT been HAD! 

Go on, TELL Me.

Comment on this blog to vent your spleen.

(Don’t forget to come back now)




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