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Bank Owners FORCE Economical Meltdown.


Bank Owners FORCE Economical Meltdown.
Whatever you believe about the different economies and the different Banks, there really are only a couple of ‘Puppeteers’ in the banking world.

These Pupetteers control exactly HOW the money is ‘played’ from one bank to another, maximizing more and more profit for themselves along the way. Independant banks are ‘allowed’ to make good profits for themselves and their customers along the way. After all, if you breed turkeys, you don’t underfeed them do you? No, you ‘fatten’ them up until they’re ready to be ‘killed’ and then ‘eaten up’ to benefit the ‘feeder’.

The ‘feeders’, or as I like to refer to them ‘The Few’, will ‘fatten up’ banks by way of deceit usually, to get the most  investment possible flowing into them. Then once the pre-determined investment peak is reached, ‘The Few’ declare a shortfall along the line somewhere, causing investors to ‘panick’. To try and get their money out as soon as possible. This causes their share value to drop ‘very’ low. Yes, low hanging fruit people. Very easy to just ‘take’ now with the least effort, at the cheapest price.

Anyone who has ever been to an auction of bankrupt stock will know just how rediculously ‘low’ you can buy things for. It’s the same with Banks. Once they’re seen to be in trouble, the ‘feeder’ who has already ‘eaten’ the main body of the bird, buys up the carcass for himself to ‘feed’ other up and coming young birds. ‘Ready for the Slaughter.

Almost ALL major banks can be traced back to just a couple of families who are also ‘heavy-hitters’ in the Media World. Any logical checks through Google will  identify these families. They are the puppeteers who pull the strings of ‘the feeders’. They are also the ‘The Few’ who buy up the wasted carcass of banks who’ve been  ‘eaten’ from the inside out.
“What! gets eaten?” I can hear you say.

WE! get eaten. Or at least our finances do.

All the ‘energy’ we put into accumulating a certain standard of living by working hard and ‘saving’ diligently gets ‘eaten’. Our ‘energy’ is a currency. ‘The Few’ live OFF of our energy. Without it ‘they’ would not have POWER over us.

Our ‘energy’ provides the currency that is exchanged for ‘money’. We all need money to get by from day to day. We all need to exchange ‘our free energy’ for money by way of ‘working’ for a living. Whether that be ‘manually’ or ‘mentally’, it is still an exchange of values. ENERGY in exchange for MONEY.

At any time, and it’s usually ten or eleven year cycles. ‘The Few’ organise a downturn in the World economy. ‘The Press’ (Media) that they control, causes us all to get into a state of ‘panick’. As soon as we start to panick, everything gets ‘scarce’, and therefore more expensive.

Suddenly our energy isn’t worth so much. Our ‘money’ which we’ve been carefully investing for our future, (if we’re able to), suddenly DROPS in value.

Those who were encouraged to ‘borrow’ at good interest rates, suddenly find the carpet ‘pulled’ from under their feet. Meaning that the ‘energy’ THEY were expecting to exchange for money each week or month isn’t worth anything LIKE they thought it was. People who have borrowed on the encouragement of their own Government and Media, have now been well and truly ‘Shafted’.

There is no other word for it. The strategy is well proven. It’s been used for hundreds of years successfully over our history, and it will be used successfully again in our ‘Future’.

To get a better understanding of the strategies of ‘The Few’, you need to read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ and it’s associated publications which are FREE at present.

Googgle now to get started on The Prelude of; ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’. (It’s Free!)

Take Care.



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