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Political Correctness Breaks Up Communities.


Political Correctness Breaks Up Communities.
Another little ‘tool’ used by ‘The Few’ here that is extremely successful at breaking up ‘communities’.  Commonly known as; ‘The Political Correctness Brigade’.

Every society. Every community. Every Family, argue. And yes, believe it or not they call each other names. Sometimes really terrible and hurtful names at that.  But they get over it, make up, and all’s well again.

Weren’t we all taught that little rhyme when we were children, specifically designed to deal with these slants against us? “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will ‘never’ hurt me”.

Probably one of the most ‘basically important’ rhymes to learn when dealing with growing up and living our lives like well-grounded, ‘normallly healthy’ individuals.

Much like going out and falling over. Grazing our knees. Falling out of trees, etc, etc. All lessons in life that we need to learn to be ‘independant thinkers and doers’.

There lies the problem you see. ‘The Few’ have a long term plan that will see us ‘stripped’ of the ability to ‘think’ as an individual. To ‘act’ as an individual. And ‘be’ an individual.

‘The Few’ want us to all be ‘compliant’ with whatever ‘they’ tell us. If ‘they’ tell us the World IS really flat after all, WE will eventually be so compliant as to believe it without question. To do this, they have to implant the idea that ‘every’ decision made on ‘our’ behalf, is done purely for our own good. No Exceptions.

Political Correctness is the strongest tool that enables ‘The Few’ to do this. We are controlled quite rigidly at present by the ‘Word Police’. You really can be arrested and imprisoned for writing something that is ‘Politically incorrect’. Though usually it is only fines as I’m writing this. If you don’t or won’t pay that fine, you ‘will’ be imprisoned.

This idea that it is WRONG to offend others with your WORDS is encouraged, and indeed backed up by many western governments by ‘rewarding’ those that complain about being ‘slighted’ verbally or in print.

We’ve all heard about the crazy compensation payouts made to these ‘twisted’ individuals haven’t we? One case that sticks in my gullet like a very sharp fish bone is the case here in the UK a while ago, where an employee was awarded literally £1,000’s in compensation  because he was Irish, and another worker called him ‘Paddy’.

You may laugh, snigger, think I’m making it up. But I would assume that as it was so well documented in the world press at the time, (as a warning to us all) that you could easily Google the case and re-discover the madness for yourself.

If you’re a ‘lefty do-gooder’ reading this right now, and you’re wondering how on earth I could possibly find anything wrong with that concept, then I’m afraid YOU are already a ‘victim’. Your mind is no longer your own. You’ve been ‘indoctrinated’ and ‘processed’ to perfection. It was very likely done while you were at University or college, as these are the main ‘processing’ centres throughout the world.
(Not ALL Universities I might add. Just those with affiliation to ‘The Few).

As for colour, race, sexual preferences, political alliances, sexism, feminism, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless I know. But be assured here…..Your MIND is being messed with here.

Your every thought is being ‘trained’ just like you’d train your dog. When you ‘disobey’ the commands made by ‘The Few’ there WILL be consequences. Usually financial to begin with. But eventually your very ‘liberty’ will be an alien concept if we DARE to disobey our masters.

C’mon Dog….HEEL!!

Communities are already being divided by ‘Political Correctness’ gone mad. Both small and large. But to be forewarned, is to be Fore Armed’. Do NOT get dragged into the ‘PC’ game. DON’T play along with it. Have NOTHING to do with it and ‘The Few’ will be outsmarted by YOU!

These thoughts, hopefully will be passed on to all and everyone you know. The fight-back HAS to start NOW!

‘The Few’ have the upper hand. They are in control by using their ‘stealth’ tactics. If we surprise them by ‘catching’ them in the act. By letting them know that WE KNOW what their game is. They will LOSE some of their power, and we can start exposing their ‘other’ tactics and making THOSE less powerful too.

Remember….Political Correctness is NOT COOL.


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