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The Brown – Crusader and His Juliet Darling Plot Communist Dream.


The Brown – Crusader and His Juliet Darling Plot Communist Dream.

Dear Brown – C. He’s lived a wonderfully eventful life filled with dreams of one day being able to steer his beloved United – Kingdom into the waiting arms of his passionate Communist Masters.  But would Romeo ever find his Juliet to accompany him on his journey of ‘epiphony’?

In 1997 he saw his vision. The path opened up for him. He could see his Masters waiting, beckoning him forward into the ‘light’. He was transfixed. He had a ‘purpose’ in life at last and nothing was going to get in his way. That beautiful ‘ideal’ that he so fell in love with while studying at University, had presented itself to him at last. (Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride).

The path that he saw so vividly though, was strewn with obstacles and challenges. He had to battle through these trials and find his Juliet before entering the ‘Holy Grail’ of Communism.

First, he had to find a warrior. A fearless but ‘stupid man’ who would go before him. Slaying the dragons and beasties that would try to ‘stop’ him from reaching his dream. This warrior was a patsy called Blair Warrior. He was brave. He would do ‘all’ of Brown – C’s fighting and killing for him, and would be faithful at all times.

While the ‘Blair Warrior’ forged ahead along the winding, twisting path to Utopia, Brown – C could lay the foundations for his ‘Communist Masters’ who had promised him all of the riches of the world he desired. Riches were Brown – C’s speciality, which is why his first prize that the Blair Warrior won for him was the most valuable prize he could find. Complete and utter control of the UK economy.

Once Brown – C had the economy in his sweaty little chubby hands, he could start to unravel it without anyone seeing him. He would spend many long, cold, lonely nights, worshipping his ‘Masters’
and creating ‘illusions’ that would re-direct the glares and stares of anyone who might have reason to doubt his intentions.

The first illusion was that of a growing economy. The UK finances were in very good shape thanks to the major re-construction of our economic values. People were earning money. They were saving. They were buying their homes instead of renting, and affluence was being taken for granted. But! It all came at a price, and many of the UK’s citizens became ungrateful, so became very easy prey for the Warrior Blair to capture and enslave as Brown – C’s  ‘Worker Drones’. Doing all of his bidding at the click of his fingers.

Brown – C, being Scottish, had a sharp mind when it came to money. He knew that the best way to ‘lose’ money, was to gamble with it. Then when you’d lost it, you would borrow more and more of the stuff until you were ‘ruined’. Open then to control and manipulation by the seediest members of the human race and beyond.

Gordon’s eye was set firmly on his Holy Grail and ‘nothing’ was now going to stop him. So he set about dismantling the British economy by gambling with our money, losing it, and then borrowing more to fill the black holes he was continually digging.

Not content with driving the British economy into muddy waters, he then compounded it all by getting the Blair Warrior to encourage us ALL to start the gambling and borrowing cycle so that we’d also be driven to the point of exhaustion and civil unrest.

We were all offered extraordinary buying power. Credit was FREE!

Mortgages were on tap for anyone and everyone to ‘gamble’ with in the property market. The prizes were very high for the winners. But as with all gambling, there are always far more ‘losers’ than winners, but the carrot was dangled by the Blair Warrior and many people tried to eat it. Sadly, all they got was the bitter after-taste of defeat and loss.

Businesses were encouraged to borrow relentlessly to expand. They were taken on and beaten by the Blair Warrior who informed them all that the ‘good times’ were coming. That ‘The only way was UP!’ (Yes, ‘up’ to no good, Blair Warrior). For a long time businesses were being ‘fed’ as much credit as they could handle. While at the same time, having it ‘usurped’ through stealth – taxes. Rising fuel costs, and red tape that would cost those businesses many man-hours to accommodate. Slowly bringing many to their knees and ‘begging’ for more of the same.

Of course, the Blair Warrior would deflect the accusations from savvy business folk towards our other Masters within the European Union. They were an easy target. Not democratically elected, and  certainly not answerable to ‘anyone at all’. That was Brown – C’s trump card. He could get away with ‘anything’ if he could get the Blair Warrior to deflect everything in ‘that’ direction.

For Ten Years Brown – C got the Blair Warrior to fight all of his battles, while he systematically dismantled the British economy. At the end of ten years he was ready. The Blair Warrior could now be released from his duties. Rewarded with ‘respectabilty’ that he’d certainly ‘not’ earned, and very high residual incomes that couldn’t be affected by inflation or economic collapse.

It was now the Brown – Crusader’s turn to inflict the final ‘thrust’ of the deadly sword into the heart of the British way of life. No more democracy. No more self control. We were now ready, trussed up, and ready to be handed to his ‘Masters’ that he fell so in love with all those years ago. His Juliet appeared as the lovely (if not rather slimy) Juliet Darling. Brown – C handed him the Golden Chalice which was, the British economy, and between them, held the deadly sword together and ‘plunged’ it into all of our hearts.

Brown – C and his Juliet Darling are set to run into the arms of their Communist Masters (the Holy Grail) and reap their rewards for having overcome all of the challenges set before them at the start of their wonderful journey.

Good luck.    Pete.


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