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The Socialist Truth About Capitalism.


The Socialist Truth About Capitalism.
It appears ‘the chickens have come home to roost’ at last. The economic ‘theatre’ of the last few days has played out very well to a standing ovation by those who were invited to the ‘premiere’ on this day the 31st of September 2008.

They were a select ‘few’ of the grand and grandiose who funded this elaborate play in the first place. So of course they would have the best seats on the opening night.

This theatrical offering entitled; ‘The Socialist Truth About Capitalism’ started with a young lad about 5 years old, just starting school, where he would be taught to read, write and do his sums accurately.

He was taught to worship ‘The Lord’ and to be very afraid of upsetting him. The Lord was to be obeyed at all costs because if he wasn’t, there would be ‘severe consequences’.

This young lad was also told just how important his Country was to him, and learned exciting stories of how his forefathers had overcome insurmountable odds to ‘guarantee’ the ‘freedoms’ of every citizen in the land. He was very proud to know that he was also learning the ways of serving his ‘Lord and Master’ and that one day ‘he’ might be called upon to protect those ‘freedoms’ himself.

As the lad passed into his teens, he started to be taught the rules of engagement in the world of commerce. To fight like a soldier in battle. Every day he must ‘produce’ a profit. He must ‘capture’ that profit and stockpile it in the banks of his great nation so that ‘The Lord’ would be kept happy, and the lad would curry favour in the form of ‘success’ and ‘wealth’.

This tuition carried on through his college years, and he became very adept at making money for ‘The Lord’ any and every way he could. As promised, in return for stock-piling money in his countries banks, he was rewarded with success in his chosen vocation, which as a natural ‘consequence’ also gave him ‘wealth’.

The young lad was now becoming a Man, and with that came ‘responsibility’. A wife, children, and home all had to be looked after and paid for from ‘the fruits’ of his success. Of course, he was more than happy to accept his responsibility and was very happy to use the money that he had been stock-piling in his countries bank over the years. After all, wasn’t that the whole purpose?

‘The Lord’ noticed that the money was leaving the bank.
HIS bank. The bank of ‘The Country’ that he was ‘The Lord’ over. The Lord wasn’t best pleased. Hadn’t the lad been educated since he was a child that his purpose was to  ‘Serve The lord’? That included stock-piling money in his banks in return for success and ‘some’ wealth.

‘The Lord’ decided that there must be ‘consequences’ here.
That a precedent had to be established, so he put up ‘barriers’ that weren’t tangible, but which would inhibit the young man’s ability to make enough money to keep ‘The Lord’ happy and satisfied.

The young man didn’t know ‘why’ he wasn’t able to make enough money now. He only knew that his repayments on the loan he took out to buy his house were not being met. His children were going hungry, and the relationship between himself and his wife was souring because of the ‘tension’ caused by these invisible barriers that he just couldn’t see.

Life was turning really bad for the young man who had started out with so much promise. Who stock-piled money in his countries banks for his ‘Lord and Master’. Who thought he was doing everything he had been taught in the art of ‘survival’ and ‘subservience’ to ‘The Lord’. So much so, that now, the young man had to go to ‘The Lord’ cap-in-hand to ask for assistance.

The ‘freedoms’ that his forefathers fought so valiantly to protect. The spirit of ‘capitalism’ that allowed ‘any’ man or woman to go out and ‘earn’ their wealth.
‘Where’ were these things?

‘Where’ did they go?

‘When’ did they go?

Did we ever have them in the first place?

Was it all just a ‘dream’ configured in his mind by ‘years’ of education that had just ‘ONE’ aim?

To control him?

To manufacture a biological ‘cyborg’ to do the ‘will’ of ‘The Lord’?

Those are the ‘hanging’ lines at the end of the production.
When a whole nation is controlled by the wishes of ‘The Few’ for their ‘own good’, then surely ‘that’ is ‘socialism’.

But the way ‘money’ was accumulated into the bank of ‘The Lord’ was obviously ‘capitalism’. Hence the title of this theatrical ‘Farce’;

‘The Socialist Truth About Capitalism’.


Remarks in the news today are suggesting that America is becoming a ‘socialist – capitalistic’ economy.

I would like to suggest that it has ‘never’ been anything BUT!

‘The Few’ funded the play and are insistent on receiving ‘PROFITS’.

We should be getting ourselves prepared for ‘the consequences’ which have already started to be enforced.

Haven’t we suddenly found ‘invisible barriers’ reducing our earning power? That where a few months ago there were NO debts, and now there are hundreds of thousands of people ‘losing’ their homes and businesses as ‘consequences’ for ‘taking’ out too much money from the banks of ‘The Few’.  AKA – ‘The Lord’.

When we use ‘credit’, we are taking money from the bank of ‘The Few’. This is a ‘trap’ set by ‘The Few’ who used the awesome power of their controlled media to encourage us all to ‘take’ the credit being offered. We took the bait, and are now receiving ‘the consequences’.

‘The Few’? They cannot lose. All banks are ‘theirs’. They control every one. By moving money from one financial institution to another, they can inflict untold misery on selected sections of the ‘community’.

No ‘actual money’ ever leaves their system, it just gets moved around. A few strokes of a computer keyboard is all that’s needed to move ‘digits’ in the ‘ether’ from one bank to another. The ‘consequences’ are devastating for some, but an absolute ‘windfall’ for others.

C’mon Dog,   HEEEEL!!


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