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The Universal Soldier

February 25, 2009 1 comment



He’s the ‘Universal Soldier’,
and he’s here to serve us well.
To fight our battles and reduce us all to tears.

He’s your child, your grandchild,
your sister and your brother.
He’s your friend, and he is your lover too.
But more than these he is ‘dispensable’,
he’s fodder for the ‘Few’.
He’s fighting for the truth he thought he knew.

Though ‘The Universal Soldier’ is a brave and honest man.
He’s a Hero, and he’s a Martyr too.
He’s been led into this fight that he’s ‘not’ supposed to win,
and he’s been told he’s doing everything for YOU!

He’s the ‘Universal Soldier’
who’s as old as man himself.
He lives on and on, and on and on,
to FIGHT! For you and me.

It’s time to put this man to rest,
and to tell the ‘honest truth’.
That it’s always been for Nought,
and that a ‘sham’ is what he fought.

The ‘Black Queen’ gave him honours
to cover up her lies.
She rewarded him
with money and life’s jewels.
But with the ‘Universal Soldier’
armed with trust and truth once more,
and the wisdom
of a hundred thousand years.
He can hang up all his armour,
and his battle weary clothes.
He can look the ‘Few’
right through their jet black eyes.
He’s seen through the fog of guile
as an educated man,
and has now cried his very,
very last ‘goodbyes’.

Throughout the whole history of mankind itself, we’ve had our ‘leaders’ using and abusing our young and most vulnerable. Whether that be to fight territorial wars, commercial wars, or popularity wars.

The young are seen as a dispensable, replenishable, and manageable resource of ‘fodder’ to be used for whatever reason the ‘Few’ see fit.

They are told blatant lies disguised as ‘guilt’ that can be laid squarely on the shoulders of the young. The cries of; “You are Heroes fighting for a great and worthy cause” fire up the passions of these young people.

Further cries of; “Your country is depending on ‘you’ to maintain our freedom, to out the truth, and establish peace”, also keep the fire of guilt burning in these young minds, as they subject themselves to witness and endure human slaughter at it’s worst.

More often than not, GOD is portrayed as the very one who is ‘behind’ these ‘Universal Soldiers’ as they comply to the wishes of evil men.

In the wars of commerce, the ‘Universal Soldiers’ are told how ‘imperative’ it is that they stay in higher education for as long as possible so that they can ‘better’ themselves, and be successful for the rest of their lives.

Please read; “We need even more time to brainwash you into thinking along the same lines as us, but we want you to ‘pay’ for the privilege because “what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is my own”. You can only have what we deem you’re worth at the end of your brainwashing (EDUCATION)”.

Many of our young ‘do’ leave higher education and go out to find success (their perceived version) in the world of commerce. They get this success when they ‘toe the party line’. In other words, they become a cog in the wheel of commerce, and as long as they function exactly the way their ‘cog’ has been designed to function, they will be rewarded with the riches promised.

Try to be individual, a Maverick even, and the financial rewards are removed until you ‘toe the party line’ again. The commercial ‘Universal Soldier’ has sacrificed his youth, spent untold hours studying (at his own expense), only to be rewarded with the position of ‘Chief Cog’ in his chosen area of commerce.

He is allowed to ‘exist’ in relative comfort as long as he is seen as ‘ultra-productive’ by his masters who see this ‘Universal Soldier’ as a financial resource. No more, no less.

Produce more and your financial rewards are raised. Under produce, and you are dispensed with. No questions asked. “You are a NUMBER, you are not a man”.

There are many perceived ‘Mavericks’ in the commercial World. Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Richard Branson among the most recognisable. But even these ‘high fliers’ who are ‘allowed’ to earn astronomic incomes are still kept in check by the ‘FEW’. Each has almost been financially destroyed, but as they got back to ‘toeing the party line’, their wealth was allowed to replenish and continues to grow hourly. (Hmmmm……MeThinks????)

So what do you do then?
Sell your soul to the Devil??
Fight fire with fire??
Stand up and be counted??

Throughout the sorry tale of human slaughter, the same cry has echoed through history: “You are heroes – God bless the troops – you are fighting for a ‘great cause’ and a ‘great country’; you are fighting for freedom, fighting for truth and [the best one of all] you are fighting for peace.”

It has proved to be a compelling sales pitch. There seems to be something in the human psyche that wants to be a “hero” and to believe that we are “doing” something to make it a better world.

Anyone with John Wayne tendencies is a sucker to this big sell and yet, how appropriately, this very symbol of military heroism never saw a shot fired in anger and spent the Second World War strutting on a movie set where spilling your coffee was a war wound.

It’s all BS and until young people reject the uniform as a relic of a past and primitive age, the BS will go on.

For “Support our troops”. Read; “Support our war”.

The Troops of ‘all’ countries ARE necessary. I know that. And I’m in no way trying to be-little the amazing job they do. I for one would not have the bottle to put myself in the firing line at the drop of a hat, or the whim of an inept Government. But this is the very nature of ‘The Few’. We are presented ‘daily’ with threats to our freedom. Some are very real. Others are ‘organised’ or ‘invented’ by the media for our consumption in the battle to control our very minds.

Once our emotions have been ‘stoked up’ enough, our Armies are sent into action to ‘convince’ us that we ARE being protected by; ‘The Few’.

I have nothing but RESPECT for the troops of all nations. They’re all just Pawns in the game after all. Just the same as the rest of us, only they’ve got ‘Real Balls’.

Once the World has awakened. These men and women that stand ready and able to protect the rest of us will be able to ‘relax’, and live their lives as Mother Nature intended.

But until that day. The status quo will remain and ‘The Universal Soldier’ will be standing by, ready for the ‘call to arms’ on our ‘supposed’ behalf.

Just another thought.