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Don’t KILL The ONION!!


The Community (ONION) Annihilation Project.

We all value the ‘community’ concept.
Whether that’s the community we live in, our ‘on-line’ community, or our business development community to name but a few.

Surely ‘communities’ are the way to go aren’t they?
Surely the World would be a far better place to ‘live’ and to ‘love’ in if it was just ONE BIG community, made up of millions of smaller communities al inter-linked by the ONE clear objective.

‘To live our lives in PEACE’.

Remember that old hippie anthem, ‘The Melting Pot’? Where the world and everyone in it is just one big onion?

Where no matter how far back you peel the layers, we’re all still just that one big ‘Onion’? No race, no religion, no colour, no political beast; Just One Big Onion.

The fact of the matter is……YES, we are just one big onion, and we are all the same below the skin. Behind the mask we wear to act out our interpretation of our own life here on earth, WE ARE all the same.

I know to most of you that seems unpalletable. How could you be like that so-and-so politician or religious nutter you’ve just seen preaching ‘at’ you down the road just now?

How could you be like that junkie, that rapist and murderer. That street-bandit? Surely I’m taking the **** here aren’t I?

NOPE. The fact is, we are all just a part of that same old onion. The only difference between every one of us is that we’ve all had our ‘sub-conscious minds’ trained differently.

At birth, we start off with the genetically trained sub-conscious mind consisting of our two parents contribution to it. Left unchecked, or untrained in a different direction, we’d all grow up to be almost a ‘clone’ of one or the other of our biological parents. Whichever one had the strongest personality would be the one we’d be most like.

I’m pretty sure you can empathise with that view based on your own experience of people behaving very similarly to one or the other of their parents. Or maybe you have a child of your own that you see ‘yourself’ in a lot of the time.

Mostly, this is no bad thing unless one of the parents has an ‘extreme’ personality. Where there may be too much attraction to violence, drug abuse or sexual perversion, to name just a few. These are traits that no-one really wants to have inherited from a parent, but sadly, they will have, if already present in one or the other.

The re-programming of a childs sub-conscious mind is very easy to do, which is why it should never be abused in any way. Shouting at a child. Hitting a child. Behaving badly infront of a child. These are all having a ‘training’ effect on a young childs sub-conscious mind and will ‘manifest’ itself if left unchecked as the child grows and becomes an adult. Possibly causing the child, and those who come into contact with that child, much grief along the way.

Many of the problems (in the UK especially) is that children are left in the care of others at a very early age, and if that environment is a ‘negative’ one, the child will be ‘magnetically’ attracted to it and will take on those negative traits. It’s the same if you allow your children to ‘run with the gang’ while very young. ie; spend too much time in the company of other children who are not ‘positively’ supervised. They will naturally be drawn towards the ‘negative’ behaviour of their peers as ‘that’ will be the most exciting and stimulating for these young minds.

Various controlling authorities like governments are utilizing this knowledge that ‘young’ sub-conscious minds can be very easily trained to do their ‘will’. That Intelligence departments throughout the world have ‘trained’ very young people in special schools to become ‘seeds’ in another countries system, or society. They were ‘planted’ in boarding schools of the country in mind, and trained for a particular career within a specific department of the targeted country. They would then ‘grow’ within that department until they were in a position of ‘trust’ and ‘power’. They would then be expected to obtain specific information, or would be expected to ‘drive’ the department in a specific direction dictated by the ‘controlling’ government.

Although it’s hard to imagine anyone spending ‘so’ much time training the sub-conscious minds of others to do their will, it has been done throughout our world too many times to count, but especially during the time of ‘The Cold War’.

People probably thought that once the cold war was over that all of these ‘seeds’ were removed, and repatriated back to their country of origin. But of course, we know differently don’t we? Those ‘seeds’ were all left to continue their work, and most are still beavering away in their various departments, (including the economy) waiting for their ‘call-to-arms’ as it were.

At the time of writing this, October 2008, we are experiencing almost unprecedented turmoil in the World economy. Is it coincidental that it comes at a time when there is a lot of talk between world leaders of the ‘probability’ that ‘The Cold War’ could be about to start up again?

The two countries who stand to gain the most from an economical ‘melt-down’ are Russia and China. Both have ploughed ‘Billions’ into the western economy and encouraged us to spend-spend-spend. Which of course, we have. Both Russia and China have a society that has been ‘trained’ to survive on very small rations. They have the life-skills to cope with near destitution and no luxuries in life. So, would ride out a ‘planned’ world’s economic recession fairly comfortably.

There would be no marching in the streets to complain. If there were, the authorities would use there might to quell it without the fear of retribution from other world leaders. WHY? Because we’ve all been trained over the years to expect the unexpected from these governments. They rule with an iron fist, not a warm flannel like much of us in the Western world. Our societies have been infiltrated by ‘left-wing’ liberal do-gooders that have systematically ‘castrated’ our societies to the extent that we all live in fear of ‘Political Correctness’, probably the most damning indictment to our submission to these ‘Secret Seeds’ that were ‘planted’ after the end of ‘World War 2’.

The questions we ‘really’ need to ask ourselves now, is ‘where’ were most of the bankers responsible for the ‘meltdown’ educated? Is there a common link? Could this be all the proof we’ll ever need that our sub-conscious mind is far more powerful than most of us would EVER give it credit for? Are these bankers just acting out the ‘will’ of their pre-programmed sub-conscious mind? Do they even know themselves that ‘they’ as much a ‘victim’ in all of this as ‘we’ are?

It’s not necessary for a person to know ‘why’ they have acted in a certain way. Our sub-conscious mind can be programmed so far in advance, and can have ‘trigger – words’ implanted years before they are to be activated. So a banker who is normally extremely responsible in his or her career. Who achieves great things within the industry over the years. Can have the ‘trigger-word’ relayed to them and suddenly they will act contrary to all of their ‘normal’ behavioural traits, causing mayhem and eventual meltdown in the particular bank they are working in.

Multiply that a hundred fold throughout the western economy, and even the banks that have ‘no seeds’ will be affected because of the ‘Butterfly effect’. YES! Even the banks within the ‘host’ countries of the ‘seeds’ will suffer, but THEY are prepared for it. THEY are expecting it because THEY are the ones who are initiating it in the first place.

That is one theory.

Of course, there is also the other theory that Western Leaders who are so ‘Power-Hungry’ would sacrifice their OWN communities and economies to get ‘more’ of that elusive drug; POWER!

After all, the west also employed the tactics of ‘planting seeds’. Not only in opposing regimes, but also within our ‘own’ institutions and departments. Which is the reason WHY it doesn’t matter at the end of the day WHICH government gets voted in. They are all ‘controlled’ remotely by the ‘seeds’ that were planted after ‘World War 2’.

What ‘really’ compounds this alternative theory is the very fact that the Western governments have ‘all’ subsidised their failing banks to the tune of ‘TRILLIONS!’. Yes, that’s trillions of £’s $’s Euro’s of ‘OUR’ money going to reward those that ’caused’ the meltdown in the first place.

That being the case, and the fact that every single citizen will be paying this bill from their wages/salaries each month brings up the question;- “Where did all that money go?” It didn’t just vanish. Money can’t just ‘vanish’ can it? Well, it can if you know where to hide it, and who better to know ‘where’ to hide such massive figures than our world controllers, masters and puppeteers, ‘The Few’.

They set up a system that would ‘usurp’ a phenominal amount of money out of the World Economy using their pre-planted ‘seeds’ to implement banking procedures ‘guaranteed’ to ‘transfer’ money/digits from the conomy into other industries that wouldn’t be affected, and when we are all so poor, losing our homes, our jobs, our families. We will then start to fight among ourselves to get what little there is to be had and ‘hey presto’, they HAVE to introduce marshall law or similar to ‘protect us’ from ourselves.

Will we complain or fight against it? NO! Of course we won’t. We want our ‘normal’ safe lives back again. We want our families re-united. We want ‘jobs’ that will give us ‘some’ sort of respectable income. ‘The Few’ will be able to say that we ‘can’ have ‘all’ of these things, just as long as we’re prepared to accept ‘their’ rules and conditions, along with the constant surviellance of every part of our own lives, ‘for our own protection’ of course.

‘Orwell’s’ book 1984 predicted all of this, so I’m not claiming original thought here. David Icke has written numerous books and has videos of his lectures on his website; http://davidicke.com
Almost all of what HE has written over the last fifteen plus years has all now come to fruition, and there is MUCH more to come. His work is taken ‘very’ seriously by those in ‘The Know’, and also by those who seriously WANT to know.

Are YOU one of the ‘want-to-know’s’? Then get over to David’s website NOW! Subscribe to his YouTube channel, or his Google video’s. They are mostly ‘loooooong’ video’s but very well worth the time you’ll spend there. Not to frighten yourself, but to ‘educate’ yourself about exactly HOW this world of ours TRULY operates.

Please comment on what you’ve read here. I’d be very interested to hear ‘your’ views on the subject.

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