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Your Children Are The New ‘Weapons of Social Warfare’


Your Children Are The New ‘Weapons of Social Warfare’.

In an earlier post I spoke of the need of ‘The Few’ to break up communities in any way they can. To ‘Divide and Conquer’ is their ongoing goal and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end.

I’ve also spoken about the awesome POWER that ‘Love’ holds.
How the biological form that is ‘Human’ depends on that precious energy that we exude and require in equal quantities.

Nothing comes close to the amount of ‘Love’ that is generated by our children. From the moment they enter this world of ours they become the ‘focus’ of our out-pouring of the ‘energy’ so important to ‘their’ growth as well as our own. I can’t imagine that anyone reading this who has had the privelage of having a child of their own, could possibly disagree.

‘The Few’ have used this ‘focus’ of our love to cojole and manipulate us in too many ways to list them here. But the most recent ‘abuse’ of our children has not been from paedophiles or mentally inadequate parents, (Although those are serious problems of course) it has been administered by the ‘architects’ of society.

The ‘Architects’ of society are those individuals who have no real power, but who are power-hungry. They are always left-of-centre politically who are so eager to please their masters and ‘puppeteers’ that they will do ‘everything’ that is asked of them without question. When ‘The Few’ initiate a dictate for them to enforce, they give them ‘power’ as their reward, and these weak minded ‘power-seekers’ will go into action immediately to do their bidding.

They have no ‘real’ morals or ethics.
They have no conscience or remorse.
They are ‘driven’ by their insatiable appetite for ‘POWER’ which they will strive for at any cost. Even at the cost of our childrens innocence, safety and long term welfare. ‘The Few’ demand, and ‘The Few’ will get whatever that might be. In this case, another nail in the coffin of our communities.

‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ which I hope you’ve read. (After all, it’s free to every reader of this article). Goes into detail about the ‘POWER’ of ‘LOVE’, and how we are all controlled by the fear of ‘losing’ any energy source that provides us with the energy of ‘Love’.

Their is no greater ‘energy source’ for Love than our own children. Even our partners with whom we produce our children can’t compete. (Sad though that truth may be). That being the undeniable TRUTH, it stands to reason that ‘The Few’ would have our children in their sights as the number ONE target in the war to destroy our communities, and therefore give them total power over us as a species.

It’s no coincidence that ‘education’ is one of the ‘Big Guns’ in this war. Our masters deem it necessary to introduce our children into ‘state control’, ie; school/nursery earlier and earlier into our childrens lives. Robbing them of their family ‘bonding’ and their ‘childhood’ in one foul swoop. All in the name of ‘Education’ of course.

In the UK the starting age for ‘compulsory’ nursery education will soon be TWO years old. That is not only unbelievable (though true) it’s also ‘SICK’ in the extreme.

Our masters can dress it up to look like a ‘necessity’ for our childrens welfare and future, but it’s all a part of the ‘bigger picture’ which is to ‘seperate’ and ‘indoctrinate’ the sources of our most valuable ‘energy source’, the LOVE of our children. Children ‘starved’ of love for long periods of the day are not being equipped to ‘give’ love to those most important in their existence. Their Parents.

The teachers and carers can’t give them Love, or ‘teach’ them how to love their parents, their sibblings, or their Grand Parents. They will have that MOST VALUABLE stimulation denied to them. They will grow up devoid of, and incapable of feeling the ‘POWER’ of true love.

The few hours left in the childs day after their ‘enforced’ indoctrination is not long enough to usurp the ‘energy’ of TRUE LOVE that their family are equipped to give them. They will grow up to find genuine signs of affection as a ‘threat’ to their person. They will become suspicious of even their own family members intentions toward them.

WHY? Because the ‘indoctrination’ also goes so far as to ‘educate’ the child to be ‘wary’ of those who show them affection, or too much attention. In the guise that all adults are dangerous. They are ‘The Bad-Guys’ who are out to harm them, and the very young don’t distinguish exactly WHO are ‘The Bad-Guys’ so become ‘wary’ of everyone.

Already, paranoia is a very real problem in society. The Media can’t and won’t control itself on these issues. Governments are passing privacy laws like there’s no tomorrow. Privacy laws that are inhibiting amateur and professional photographers alike, who are now having to ask themselves very serious questions before they even ‘think’ about taking a picture.

If there’s another persons child in the photograph, dare they take it? If it’s an area where children are known to play, either often, or occasionally, dare they take the photograph?

Thirty years ago, even less, these questions would have been unthinkable. But ‘The Few’ have indoctrinated society through our ‘left-wing’ power-hungry advocates, so that now everyone is totally ‘paranoid’ about being accused, or possibly arrested on a charge that they are in some way a ‘threat’ to our children.

I have just watched a programme on the TV which high-lighted the very real danger that our children are NOW facing, and that is the danger of being totally ignored when they could ‘genuinely’ be in very real danger. All because we in society have been trained very well that if we are seen to show ‘any’ sort of attention to a child that is not our own, let alone take them by the hand to lead them to safety, we are in danger of being accused of being a ‘threat’ to the child.

The programme makers set up two children, a young boy and a young girl apparently having ‘lost’ their parent somewhere in the shopping mall. The children were stood alone in the main area, individually at different times of the day, and were asked to act lost and upset. Each time, more than 100 people walked by, afraid to even make eye contact, before a ‘safety conscious’ member of the public stopped to offer help.

How would you feel if YOUR child got lost in a busy, large shopping mall, and nobody went to their aid? You would have every right to feel disgusted that no-one stopped to help your child out wouldn’t you? But would you have had the ‘courage’ to stop and help another persons child in that situation? It’s a question, that as a member of a so-called CARING society, we should NEVER even have to ‘consider’ answering.

We should ALL be able to feel comfortable approaching ‘any’ child in any form of danger or distress and offering a helping hand. Or, dare I say it; The Hand Of friendship.

But our ‘enlightened’ society has made the question ‘obligatory’. Our community spirit has been knawed away at by the ‘CANCER’ that is; ‘Political Correctness’. And ironically, the presenter of the programme was none other than Esther Rantsen. A self-proclaimed ‘Do-Gooder’ who helped to educate society on the very ‘dangers’ of adults around children, in her more mis-guided days when she was always looking for ‘A Cause’ to champion which would get her TV ratings up on her various shows in the 1970’s and 80’s.

You got the feeling that maybe now she realises that she was just one of the many legions of people who were ‘used’ by certain factions of the political spectrum and the ‘Media’ itself, to promote the alienation of adults from children.

She was a major part in the setting up of ‘Child-Line’, a do-gooder charity that is there to ‘protect’ children from the threat of ADULTS!

Children can phone in whenever they haven’t got their own way at home, and accuse Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt or Mr Jones down the road of almost anything they could dream up. Often splitting families and communities in all directions while ‘investigations’ take place into the ‘allegations’ of an irate child.

YES! I have no doubt that the charity does some ‘sterling’ work, and DOES help to protect ‘many’ genuine cases of abuse. For that it has to be applauded. But at what cost? Because we now have a society that is split in two between ADULTS and MINORS like never before. With both sides suspicious of each other.

One thing though is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.
‘The Few’ are rubbing their hands with glee, because their plans are panning out beautifully. Society is being ‘split’ in every direction, and the ‘Number One’ generator of TRUE LOVE is being systematically dismantled infront of our very own EYES, all in the name of ‘Education’.

When you’re packing ‘your’ TWO year old child off to nursery or school, remember this article well, and appreciate WHY you are abandoning your very own child to be indoctrinated by ‘real’ strangers who have a sub-conscious agenda to deprive YOU of the love you should be sharing with your child in his or her formative years.

Read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ (Top of sidebar) as well as the other articles in this Blog. They are a guiding light through the ‘mist of deceit’ that’s being generated all around you.



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