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The (PFI) Private Finance Initiative.

The (PFI) Private Finance Initiative.

In the UK we have a ‘Jobs for the boys’ mentality in Government which this ‘street-bandit-Labour-Government’ thinks makes it look caring. In fact it has the opposite effect if you care to delve just a little into the ‘why’s & wherefores’.

A profit making body of wealthy individuals sets up a ‘Cartel’ to build and maintain schools for the UK. This saves the government having to go through all that unnecessary ‘tendering’ for the best price and highest quality workmanship. It’s the Street-Bandits way of ‘outsourcing’.

The ‘PFI’ builds the schools with no real regard for ‘suitability’ or ‘quality’. After all, once the school is built, the Street-Bandits are contractually obliged to lease said building ‘back’ from the ‘PFI’ so that our children can then go there to be educated.

These leases have a pre-determined time limit in which our ‘S-B’ Government pays them an extortionate annual ‘maintenance fee’. Then, at the end of the period, we still don’t even OWN these schools. They will still belong to the ‘PFI’ group of even BIGGER ‘Street-Bandits’ who will undoubtedly offer us an extension to these leases at an even higher costs to ‘US’ the taxpayers.
(Pigs, noses & troughs comes to mind here)

The Government try and tell us that it’s a far more cost-effective way of funding a much-needed school development project that will eventually replace ‘ALL’ of the schools that we have today. Perfectly good schools. Built to last in the main, and with a ‘Real Community’ built up around them. Parents and children treasuring the atmosphere and facilities offered by these schools that are ear-marked for demolition. With the ‘Community’ being split apart as pupils are scattered to different ‘catchment areas’ according to their ‘location’ within their ‘Communities’.

The word ‘Community’ appears to be cropping up here quite regularly doesn’t it. Like all common denominators, it plays a vital role in this whole scenario. All major World Governments have a vested interest in ‘splitting’ up communities.
( I go into that subject further in other posts on this blog, and in ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ which is a FREE E-book you can read or download from the link in the ‘sidebar’ to your right.)

What better way of doing that than building a nice new ‘glass palace of education’ in a carefully selected position in a ‘community’ that is well established and valued by all. THEN telling 40 -50% of the pupils who are at the schools being demolished in these communities that the ‘don’t qualify’ for entry because they live just slightly further away than pupils from a ‘neighbouring community’ which has a ‘higher’ priority?

What effect does this have on parents who were ‘expecting’ their children to continue their education in ‘their’ community, but who now face crippling transport charges, and more time-wasting, getting their children to schools much further away from their own community?

It causes ‘Anger’ and ‘Dissent’. The very two emotions needed to accelerate a certain amount of bad feelings within a community. Children having to make a whole new set of friends. Also having to go through the trauma of being the ‘stranger’ in school. The ‘New Boy/Girl’ in class.
(From personal experience, I feel ‘qualified’ to use the word ‘Trauma’ in this case.)

There is another common denominator in this whole debacle. ‘New large housing developments’ strategically placed to be ‘well within’ the catchment areas of these planned new ‘PFI’ owned Glass Palaces of Education. Guaranteeing that these ‘strangers’ to each other, as well as the community they are entering, get PRIORITY ‘over’ original community members.

Does this wrankle the original community members? You bet your life it does. TICK!! Another box ticked in this ‘Street-Bandit’ Governments plans to break up well established communities. The real ‘sickener’ here is; that WE are all paying for this to be done to ‘us’ with our very own taxes…… PLUS!…..We are contractually obliged to continue to ‘fund’ these PFI’s and put £millions into the back-pockets of the ‘Muggers’ who run the scheme, and then some who sit anonymously on the peripherals.

At the time of writing, the Street-Bandits have thrown £Trillions at our banks. They are now going to throw £millions at the ‘failing’ PFI’s. These are the very same people who originally GOT these ‘CARTEL’ contracts because they were ‘supposedly’ going to ‘save’ us all a fortune.

It has been noted that schools built by ‘profit-making firms’ (Read PFI’s) under a flagship public-private scheme are “significantly worse” in terms of space, heating, lighting and acoustics than new ‘traditionally funded’ primaries and secondaries, a watchdog has warned today.

So it would appear that we’ve all been sold a ‘rotten melon’ with the amazing ‘PFI’ school-funding system. It needs FAR greater scrutiny by the Whole Nation. It should also be scrutinised by ‘other’ Nations considering a similar fate. Our children (and communities) are our future. This is what ‘The Few’ know and are very afraid of. It is why ‘both’ are receiving such determined ‘Negative’ attention these days.


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