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The UK Vehicles Black Box Recorder

The UK Vehicles Black Box Recorder

In the UK we’re getting used to our every move and motion being scrutinised by our all-seeing all-powerful Big-Brother government, but they’re now taking it to a whole new level. All new cars, and I’ve no doubt that ‘all’ cars will have to be fitted at ‘our own expense’ with the new proven ‘Black-Box-Recorder’. Based on the unit fitted to all aircraft to record every aspect of every journey.

Already, a lot of commercial fleets have beta-tested them to the limits, and all teething problems ironed out. So now it’s time for the whole car driving population to be subject to the strict rigours of being monitored from the moment you turn your ignition on, until you turn it off again.

This means every trip you make. Every road you turn down. Every speed limit you accidentally exceed because there are either not enough signs telling you exactly ‘what’ the speed limit is, or there are too many signs clustered together so that you can’t take them all in at once will be recorded.

Speed cameras will become obsolete. Police waiting to ambush us with NPR (Number Plate Recognition) systems will not be needed any more, thus freeing their time up to go joyriding with their colleagues who go chasing us overwhelmed drivers who’ve missed one of the numerous signs being put up everywhere, (therefore breaking some insignificant law like driving the wrong way up a one-way street).

The adrenalin’s rising now, 3 or 4 cars are needed, and OH, don’t forget the ‘Eye-In-The-Sky’ that will need launching at a cost of £1,000’s just incase the driver bails out or gets away from them. With the chase usually ending in disaster, at a cost unlimited, withy more costs as the court proceedings take their toll on the public purse, and at the end, the magistrate sees sense and lets the ‘offender’ off with a reprimand.

This is not made up. It goes on all the time in the good old UK. Now, with the introduction of the ‘black-box-recorder’ the police can continue their fun, and ‘we’ the British driver will fund it with the fines that will be automatically mailed out to us from a robot computer that has recorded us committing one of the ‘fineable’ misdemeanours. Drivers up and down the country will be losing their licenses unnecessarily because of points being ‘earned’ along the way. More money for Government coffers as we then have to go through the whole obtaining a new license procedure all over again.

If it were only the financial devastation to every driver this black-box-recorder would bring, that would be bad enough. But no, it’s the social implications involved that’s the real worry here, and I can’t see how we are having our human rights best served by having our every movement ‘monitored’ by ‘brig brother’. It’s very much an additional ID card being introduced through the back door as far as I can see. It will not serve us as individuals.

The only beneficiary of this scheme will be the overzealous employers who don’t trust their staff, and the equally over zealous Government who want to ‘control’ our every move by making dang sure we know that we’re being watched.

In 1964 I remember the launch of ‘The Prisoner’. The brain-child of Patrick McGoohan who also starred in it. It’s become a ‘cult’ programme much the same as George Orwell’s ‘1984’. As a young lad, I didn’t understand the adults who were trying to impress on us just ‘how’ important the TV show and the book were to us, and that we should study them really hard, digesting everything as much as we could.

The book seemed boring, and the TV show was just great fun. But none of it could ever happen. It was all science fiction. The stuff of ‘dreamers’.

Well, the dreaming has stopped.

We’re now being woken up in the middle of our own nightmare, and we’ve let it happen because our focus was drawn away by ‘greed’. We were shown ‘good times’ financially. Everyone could get credit, a new house, a new car and every gadget their heart desired. But quietly in the background, all of this surveillance technology was being developed so that when the time came, as it has now, to turn OFF the credit-tap, it would be too late.

We’ve recently heard the term ‘The New World Order’ being bandied about in the open by political leaders of the World as if it just slips off the tongue naturally. We’re now expected to just ‘accept’ it, because we now have no bargaining power left. Many are losing jobs they thought were secure. Many are going bankrupt, losing their houses and their way-of-life. These human tragedies are being held up to us as a warning. These are the ‘consequences’ we will receive if we don’t go along with exactly ‘what’ we are told to do.

I hope you’ll take a few seconds to read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ – check out the video on the homepage, and at least educate yourself so that you ‘DO’ retain some bargaining power for yourself and your family.


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