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Why So Many Public-Service Ads?

“Why So Many Public Service Ads” on the TV and everywhere else you look these days?

Apart from the UK, Europe and the United States addiction to ‘wasting’ the apparently bottomless pit of public money, there is a far more ‘serious’ Stealth-Action going on here. We are being pre-conditioned to accept that being ‘told’ what to do even for the most obvious tasks is the ‘norm’.

The more we are bombarded with these seemingly pointless advertising messages, the more our sub-conscious minds will learn to ‘expect’ to be told in this way how to do the simple and mundane things that would normally be just plain old Common-Sense to everyone. It won’t be too long before we’re being told by expensive T.V Advertising which WE are paying for – how to tie our own shoe laces and even how to tell the time.

At present, our local council has produced a leaflet that tells everyone ‘HOW’ to catch a bus and what to expect to have to do on that journey – ??? Airline staff are now having to tell passengers HOW to blow their own noses – ???

While the majority of us KNOW that these are all purely unnecessary, the fact is, we’re all being lulled into the false sense of being ‘told’ how and when to do the mundane things so often that when we start being subliminally told to other things that go against our very nature, we’ll just accept those instructions and won’t even question them. The trap is being set right now – and WE are walking blindly into it. Once in, we won’t get back out again.

Be Warned! – Those seemingly innocent and annoying public service advertisements or far more serious than you could possibly imagine. But by recognising them for WHAT they are, you are now defending yourself against their Hypnotic Power.

Read “The Human Survival Blueprint”  to get yourself up-to-speed with the ways you are being manipulated by those you have ‘trusted’ with your future and your vote!


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