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Traffic Wardens – Now Civil Enforcement Officers.

Have you wondered ‘why’ Traffic Wardens have lately become virtually indistinguishable from your local ‘Bobby’ on the beat? Why their uniform is so similar you have to look pretty hard to tell the difference?

The fact is that the job description ‘Traffic Warden’ was quietly ditched some time ago and replaced with the more ‘menacing’ title of ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’. “So what’s in a name” you say? Well a great deal actually.

I have it on good authority that a couple of years ago ‘some’ Traffic Wardens were secretly awarded and trained in the art of delivering the ‘Pace Card’. This is the card that Police Officers use and memorise to quote you your rights when you are arrested.
( A small detail offered as a gesture that you ‘actually’ have some rights 🙂 )

Now as many of you reading this are probably motorists, I can pretty accurately guess exactly what your reaction would be if you were arrested by a ‘Traffic Warden’ for a totally unrelated offence to parking, right?

Or even if those same ‘Civil Enforcement Officers’ forced entry into your own home to arrest you or a member of your family for some trumped up offence you had no ‘right-to-reply’ to, (much like the motoring tickets which we find increasingly difficult to fight these days).

Yes, you’d be well ‘Pissed Off’ and rightly so …… But it’s coming to a street near you very soon indeed.

We are all expected to participate in civil disorder some time soon. the original time was the summer of 2009, but due to the political uncertainty about ‘when’ the election would be held it’s been delayed momentarily. Now that the political position has been ‘secured’ for the next five years the plan for a ‘Police State’ can be rolled out without interruption.

Be sure that it made no difference ‘which’ political party was in power, this order comes from an authority far higher than ‘our’ so-called democratically elected government, and far higher than ‘Puppet Obama’.
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Once we have our Police State we will have no ‘rights’ of our own at all. A state of emergency will be declared and we will do as we’re told or face the wrath of the …. wait for it ….. Traffic Warden!!!

Is that the ultimate humiliation or what??

Please read – “The Human Survival Blueprint” – as soon as possible (and the rest of the entries on this blog) to see your jigsaw of life fit accurately into place to form a picture that might well frighten you, but it’s a picture you MUST see.

Of course I have to say that all of my opinions are ‘allegedly’ true and completely my own. I have no proof to back up my opinions and as such you must question ‘everything’ I say. But the brain has an amazing capacity to syphon off the truth and present it to us as fact – if indeed it is.

So …. take a good look at your local Traffic Warden today.
Are they walking and talking with an unprecedented air of confidence?
Do they talk down to you as if you’re beneath them?
Do they snigger between themselves every time they slap a ticket on the car of a motorist who has obviously committed no offence, but who will be told that unless they pay up soon they’ll pay double, and if they want to dispute it, be prepared for a minimum of three months of unwarranted stress which will probably see them ‘lose’ anyway because of so-called lack of evidence?

I think you know what the ‘Truth’ is already 🙂


  1. John
    September 8, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Hi there I’ve heard this before about traffic scumbags they will be taking a large part in arresting people in the future when ww3 kicks off and the police and army are dealing with the civil unrest starts.I’ve also spoke to a road work not to long ago and he digging up the road I just asked him what he was working on he said he was putting in movement sensors for people (weird) also they were working in a council scheme I mean come on the future doesn’t look good people need to start waking up.

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