Why So Many Public-Service Ads?

“Why So Many Public Service Ads” on the TV and everywhere else you look these days?

Apart from the UK, Europe and the United States addiction to ‘wasting’ the apparently bottomless pit of public money, there is a far more ‘serious’ Stealth-Action going on here. We are being pre-conditioned to accept that being ‘told’ what to do even for the most obvious tasks is the ‘norm’.

The more we are bombarded with these seemingly pointless advertising messages, the more our sub-conscious minds will learn to ‘expect’ to be told in this way how to do the simple and mundane things that would normally be just plain old Common-Sense to everyone. It won’t be too long before we’re being told by expensive T.V Advertising which WE are paying for – how to tie our own shoe laces and even how to tell the time.

At present, our local council has produced a leaflet that tells everyone ‘HOW’ to catch a bus and what to expect to have to do on that journey – ??? Airline staff are now having to tell passengers HOW to blow their own noses – ???

While the majority of us KNOW that these are all purely unnecessary, the fact is, we’re all being lulled into the false sense of being ‘told’ how and when to do the mundane things so often that when we start being subliminally told to other things that go against our very nature, we’ll just accept those instructions and won’t even question them. The trap is being set right now – and WE are walking blindly into it. Once in, we won’t get back out again.

Be Warned! – Those seemingly innocent and annoying public service advertisements or far more serious than you could possibly imagine. But by recognising them for WHAT they are, you are now defending yourself against their Hypnotic Power.

Read “The Human Survival Blueprint”  to get yourself up-to-speed with the ways you are being manipulated by those you have ‘trusted’ with your future and your vote!


The English Village Survival Throws.


It’s non debatable that the idyll of living in a beautiful English country village rests strongly in the heart of countless people the world over. With it’s chocolate box picture imagery and a slower way of life, why wouldn’t it appeal?

With a history that goes back hundreds of years in many cases, seemingly untouched by recent trends of human greed, the English country village lifestyle is highly sought after. But! The English Country village is dying under all that pressure to remain just an idyll in our minds.

The local folk who give a community it’s heart are being scattered far and wide because they can no longer afford to live in their own village. When a family outgrows it’s present accommodation, the children who are ready to leave the nest can no longer afford to ‘buy’ property in their own community because investors and rich weekenders have bought up all of those ‘quaint village properties’ so that they can ‘buy’ into the English Country Village way of life.

There are no properties to rent now either, because the traditional landowners who used to build houses on their property to accommodate their workers are now selling them off to the highest bidder in order to survive themselves.

Then we have ‘English Heritage’, those stuffed shirts, who believe that they’ve been sent by God himself to protect the English Country Village and surrounding areas as a museum piece. But who in fact live their lives with their heads stuck firmly in that part of their anatomy where the sun never shines. It’s no wonder that stagnation has taken hold and the idyll of an English Country Village is in its last throws of life as anyone ever knew it.

Locals can now no longer afford to maintain their own properties because these stuffed shirts impose ridiculous ‘conditions’ on them. Only the most labour intensive, expensive materials will do. They also have to ‘ask’ permission from these jumped up food critics to continue with every simple step along the way, often having to wait many days for one to deem it important enough for them to show up in the first place.

What happens if these normal village folk turn a blind eye to the ‘stuffed shirts’ and carry on regardless? They’re hit with very large fines and told to return any work that’s been done back to the original ‘bad’ state. Madness? Not at all, how can it be? The British Government give those stuffed shirts their full blessing. There are ‘Laws’ these days to support the buffoons in charge of destroying the very fabric of the English country village.

There is a common law in nature itself which is as undeniable as E=mc2, and that is = “That whatever stands still and never expands, stagnates and dies”. Fact! If anyone thinks that holding back the expansion of our chocolate box village image just to satisfy those who want to stand, stare and admire is a good idea, then they are as guilty of killing off those very images as the ‘stuffed shirts’ themselves.

Shops are closing because the new influx of weekenders, holiday makers and tourists all buy their goods out of the village where it’s ‘cheaper’. They don’t feel that it’s worth paying that little bit extra so that the shop keeper can afford to live at all. When they go to the village pub (if there’s still one left) they moan again at the prices because they can buy the alcohol so much cheaper with their supermarket shopping.

They want the idyll, but they want it on the cheap. They don’t see the locals whose community they’ve invaded struggling to make ends meet because there is no local work. They therefore can’t afford to run a motor car to find work outside the immediate area, and with public transport very hit-and-miss in the English countryside, that’s not a viable option either.

It would appear that the English Country Village is strangling itself, but if you were to ask any of those villagers who are experiencing this stagnation and slow death of their way of life how they would save it. To a man/woman they would say “build more houses that we can afford to buy or rent”. That would give employment to locals, and boost the trade in the local shops.

The fact that expansion was being allowed would encourage small businesses to move into the area. Another lifeblood transfusion for the village way of life. New buildings don’t have to look stark and bland. Many new houses these days are built to look and feel very ‘country’ indeed.

In the Thames Valley, home to some beautiful country villages, we have a property developer ‘Westbuild Homes’ who over the past 20 years or so have continued to build their ‘cottage style’ houses that sit well in any country setting. They are extremely popular and often sell long before they’re even built, but just one small builder can’t be expected to save the village image as a whole, especially as the cost of those homes are out of the reach of local folk. But it does take the pressure off the demand for existing housing stock.

Planners across the UK are given a mandate to restrict any building of any kind within the many village boundaries. English heritage and its many tentacles are doing more than their bit to ensure that the mandate holds firm. But why do we have this unrealistic idea that history must be kept like a museum artefact? How do we think those villages got to look the way they do right now? Would they look as they do now if there were stuffed shirts around telling them that they couldn’t build any more? Of course not. They built when and where it was necessary to expand and grow. As did all of the major towns and cities the world over.

In America, we see cinematic images of the tumbleweed rolling through ghost towns because they stagnated and died. The original inhabitants were protective of their community to the point of ‘driving out’ any new comers, usually at the point of a gun. Their reward was the ghost towns we now see.

The stuffed shirts and planners are the new sheriffs who are shooting anyone who dares to try and alter the ‘community’ that God himself has supposedly ordained them to do….. ‘NOT’.

The English Country Village really is in its last throws of life. To survive, it needs to be stimulated as Mother Nature ordains. It needs to expand and grow. It needs to entice new businesses into the area not rebuff them in the way that the stuffed shirts and planners would do. In fact, they are the architects of their own demise also, because if there’s no heritage to protect in a few years time, they’re also out of a job anyway.

A self fulfilling prophecy I’d say.




Most disturbing is the way the state is taking children away from parents via secret ‘family courts’ for the most extraordinary reasons. These courts have no jury and the standard of proof required is lower than in criminal courts.

The authorities do not have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a child has been abused, only that on the ‘balance of probabilities’ this might be the case. We have had mothers acquitted of abuse in a criminal court who have still had their children stolen by the state in the family courts which demand lower standards of evidence.

Arrogant, mind-programmed ‘social workers’ are using this rigged system to seize children and hand them to foster parents of their choice while warning the parents that if they challenge this outrage they will never be allowed to even see their children again.

If you are new to this information, that last paragraph is worth a second read.

A mother in the UK had her twin babies taken from her by social workers for joking that the caesarean birth had ruined her body. She spent £38,000 on IVF treatment in a desperate attempt to have children and these deeply disturbed people removed them within weeks. When she lost her temper at what they had done they reported that she had ‘anger problems’ which could be a threat to her twins.

The authorities exploit high-profile real abuse cases to scan the community for fake ‘abuse’ that they can use to steal children from their parents. This is becoming commonplace now, but the public don’t realise that because its all done in secret.

This is an exact copy of the David Icke newsletter & I take no credit. Visit – davidicke.com for even more valuable stories.


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The UK Vehicles Black Box Recorder

The UK Vehicles Black Box Recorder

In the UK we’re getting used to our every move and motion being scrutinised by our all-seeing all-powerful Big-Brother government, but they’re now taking it to a whole new level. All new cars, and I’ve no doubt that ‘all’ cars will have to be fitted at ‘our own expense’ with the new proven ‘Black-Box-Recorder’. Based on the unit fitted to all aircraft to record every aspect of every journey.

Already, a lot of commercial fleets have beta-tested them to the limits, and all teething problems ironed out. So now it’s time for the whole car driving population to be subject to the strict rigours of being monitored from the moment you turn your ignition on, until you turn it off again.

This means every trip you make. Every road you turn down. Every speed limit you accidentally exceed because there are either not enough signs telling you exactly ‘what’ the speed limit is, or there are too many signs clustered together so that you can’t take them all in at once will be recorded.

Speed cameras will become obsolete. Police waiting to ambush us with NPR (Number Plate Recognition) systems will not be needed any more, thus freeing their time up to go joyriding with their colleagues who go chasing us overwhelmed drivers who’ve missed one of the numerous signs being put up everywhere, (therefore breaking some insignificant law like driving the wrong way up a one-way street).

The adrenalin’s rising now, 3 or 4 cars are needed, and OH, don’t forget the ‘Eye-In-The-Sky’ that will need launching at a cost of £1,000’s just incase the driver bails out or gets away from them. With the chase usually ending in disaster, at a cost unlimited, withy more costs as the court proceedings take their toll on the public purse, and at the end, the magistrate sees sense and lets the ‘offender’ off with a reprimand.

This is not made up. It goes on all the time in the good old UK. Now, with the introduction of the ‘black-box-recorder’ the police can continue their fun, and ‘we’ the British driver will fund it with the fines that will be automatically mailed out to us from a robot computer that has recorded us committing one of the ‘fineable’ misdemeanours. Drivers up and down the country will be losing their licenses unnecessarily because of points being ‘earned’ along the way. More money for Government coffers as we then have to go through the whole obtaining a new license procedure all over again.

If it were only the financial devastation to every driver this black-box-recorder would bring, that would be bad enough. But no, it’s the social implications involved that’s the real worry here, and I can’t see how we are having our human rights best served by having our every movement ‘monitored’ by ‘brig brother’. It’s very much an additional ID card being introduced through the back door as far as I can see. It will not serve us as individuals.

The only beneficiary of this scheme will be the overzealous employers who don’t trust their staff, and the equally over zealous Government who want to ‘control’ our every move by making dang sure we know that we’re being watched.

In 1964 I remember the launch of ‘The Prisoner’. The brain-child of Patrick McGoohan who also starred in it. It’s become a ‘cult’ programme much the same as George Orwell’s ‘1984’. As a young lad, I didn’t understand the adults who were trying to impress on us just ‘how’ important the TV show and the book were to us, and that we should study them really hard, digesting everything as much as we could.

The book seemed boring, and the TV show was just great fun. But none of it could ever happen. It was all science fiction. The stuff of ‘dreamers’.

Well, the dreaming has stopped.

We’re now being woken up in the middle of our own nightmare, and we’ve let it happen because our focus was drawn away by ‘greed’. We were shown ‘good times’ financially. Everyone could get credit, a new house, a new car and every gadget their heart desired. But quietly in the background, all of this surveillance technology was being developed so that when the time came, as it has now, to turn OFF the credit-tap, it would be too late.

We’ve recently heard the term ‘The New World Order’ being bandied about in the open by political leaders of the World as if it just slips off the tongue naturally. We’re now expected to just ‘accept’ it, because we now have no bargaining power left. Many are losing jobs they thought were secure. Many are going bankrupt, losing their houses and their way-of-life. These human tragedies are being held up to us as a warning. These are the ‘consequences’ we will receive if we don’t go along with exactly ‘what’ we are told to do.

I hope you’ll take a few seconds to read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ – check out the video on the homepage, and at least educate yourself so that you ‘DO’ retain some bargaining power for yourself and your family.



The ‘Student Debt Trap’ is now set.

(Please check out the PS at the bottom)

It’s absolutely criminal that in the UK we are even ‘considering’ raising University Student tuition fees even higher still. A trap has been in development for some years now to ensnare our young and make them subservient adults. What better way than to ‘trap’ them as they enter University?

A generation ago, only genuinely ‘talented’ people were even considered for university. If you got a place, it was definitely a proud moment for ‘you’ and all of the family as well. (But then along came Blair. The ‘Brown-Crusaders’ Warrior).

He decided that ‘all’ children should be able to attend University as their birth-right. It didn’t matter if they were ‘bright’ enough, just so long as they got their university education which would ‘supposedly’ set them up for life in the work place. Of course, as usual with the degenerate ‘Blair-Warrior’, there was a price to pay. A price which would put the majority of these ‘bright’ students in ‘hock’ to the tune of £25,000 + when they leave University with a little piece of paper and some pomp and ceremony that tells everyone just how clever they are. (NOT!).

A governmental ‘target’ was set! 60% of ALL children in the UK were going to have University placements come hell or high water. They were all going to take out massive loans to ‘pay’ for the education which ‘MORALLY’ should be FREE! This would draw 60% at least, OFF of the dole queues where the government has to ‘pay’ them money. Into a ‘pseudo-education’ where ‘they’ have to pay the government. (Read – Street-bandits).

Now even to the most stupid politician, (and we have many) this makes economic sense. But to ‘The Brown-Crusader’ this is not only a brilliant ‘stealth-tax’ idea. It also correlates well with his plan to have a whole generation of ‘Adults’ subservient to governmental demands through the power of ‘DEBT’.

Most people are naturally very scared of incurred debt. Especially the sums of money that University Students are expected to sign up to. They don’t want the stigma and restrictions of bankruptcy, and they know that there are ‘severe consequences’ for those who attract the attentions of the dreaded ‘debt-collectors’ who have now been given new powers by the Street-Bandit government to ‘force’ their entry into ‘suspected’ debtors homes.

That ‘trap’ alone is surely bad enough. But now the ‘Brown-Crusader’ want to ‘DOUBLE’ the debt that our children incur in the name of ‘Higher Education’ which itself is an illusion that bares no credibility in the ‘Real World’ of the workplace in our modern world.

It’s said that soon, only the rich will be able to ‘afford’ to go to University. That’s only a dream I’m afraid, because the Street-Bandits are ‘insisting’ that the 60% University placement targets ARE met. They will not let this trap sit idle for a moment. There is simply ‘too much’ to lose by not meeting those targets, which I’ve no doubt will increase once they’ve obtained the relative ‘permission’ to double the fees already incurred by our young.

If you think this article is absolute hogwash and ‘rubbish’, then you’re living your life in a dream-world of the ‘lemmings’. The trap is about to ‘spring’ fully very soon. You need to impart the knowledge here in the direction of your loved ones and friends before they take that final ‘step’ into the man-trap that the ‘Blair-Warrior’ set long before he left office, and which ‘The Brown-Crusader’ has the pleasure of setting the bait.

SNAP! You’re caught!!



Having just watched a debate on TV between University chancellors, College admin and Students discussing the ‘Con-Dems’ new twist on the Student Grant National disgrace, it’s blatantly obvious that not only do they want to see only the rich taking the majority of ‘better’ University places nationwide, but they want the student to ‘take more responsibility’ for their own education and it’s cost.

In other words – we’re pulling a vast swathe of cash away from the higher education system which will mean a much lower standard of education for you – ‘unless’ – you are prepared to get even more into debt to be absolutely sure you still can’t find employment in the big wide world afterwards – and by the way, we think you need more time at University/College so that you can be indoctrinated more fully into thinking the way that ‘WE’ Your Masters dictate that you should think, and Yes! We want you to pay for that privelage as well.

We thought the Labour Government was sinister – well the game just stepped up another gear – You MUST read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ before you never get the chance –


The (PFI) Private Finance Initiative.

The (PFI) Private Finance Initiative.

In the UK we have a ‘Jobs for the boys’ mentality in Government which this ‘street-bandit-Labour-Government’ thinks makes it look caring. In fact it has the opposite effect if you care to delve just a little into the ‘why’s & wherefores’.

A profit making body of wealthy individuals sets up a ‘Cartel’ to build and maintain schools for the UK. This saves the government having to go through all that unnecessary ‘tendering’ for the best price and highest quality workmanship. It’s the Street-Bandits way of ‘outsourcing’.

The ‘PFI’ builds the schools with no real regard for ‘suitability’ or ‘quality’. After all, once the school is built, the Street-Bandits are contractually obliged to lease said building ‘back’ from the ‘PFI’ so that our children can then go there to be educated.

These leases have a pre-determined time limit in which our ‘S-B’ Government pays them an extortionate annual ‘maintenance fee’. Then, at the end of the period, we still don’t even OWN these schools. They will still belong to the ‘PFI’ group of even BIGGER ‘Street-Bandits’ who will undoubtedly offer us an extension to these leases at an even higher costs to ‘US’ the taxpayers.
(Pigs, noses & troughs comes to mind here)

The Government try and tell us that it’s a far more cost-effective way of funding a much-needed school development project that will eventually replace ‘ALL’ of the schools that we have today. Perfectly good schools. Built to last in the main, and with a ‘Real Community’ built up around them. Parents and children treasuring the atmosphere and facilities offered by these schools that are ear-marked for demolition. With the ‘Community’ being split apart as pupils are scattered to different ‘catchment areas’ according to their ‘location’ within their ‘Communities’.

The word ‘Community’ appears to be cropping up here quite regularly doesn’t it. Like all common denominators, it plays a vital role in this whole scenario. All major World Governments have a vested interest in ‘splitting’ up communities.
( I go into that subject further in other posts on this blog, and in ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ which is a FREE E-book you can read or download from the link in the ‘sidebar’ to your right.)

What better way of doing that than building a nice new ‘glass palace of education’ in a carefully selected position in a ‘community’ that is well established and valued by all. THEN telling 40 -50% of the pupils who are at the schools being demolished in these communities that the ‘don’t qualify’ for entry because they live just slightly further away than pupils from a ‘neighbouring community’ which has a ‘higher’ priority?

What effect does this have on parents who were ‘expecting’ their children to continue their education in ‘their’ community, but who now face crippling transport charges, and more time-wasting, getting their children to schools much further away from their own community?

It causes ‘Anger’ and ‘Dissent’. The very two emotions needed to accelerate a certain amount of bad feelings within a community. Children having to make a whole new set of friends. Also having to go through the trauma of being the ‘stranger’ in school. The ‘New Boy/Girl’ in class.
(From personal experience, I feel ‘qualified’ to use the word ‘Trauma’ in this case.)

There is another common denominator in this whole debacle. ‘New large housing developments’ strategically placed to be ‘well within’ the catchment areas of these planned new ‘PFI’ owned Glass Palaces of Education. Guaranteeing that these ‘strangers’ to each other, as well as the community they are entering, get PRIORITY ‘over’ original community members.

Does this wrankle the original community members? You bet your life it does. TICK!! Another box ticked in this ‘Street-Bandit’ Governments plans to break up well established communities. The real ‘sickener’ here is; that WE are all paying for this to be done to ‘us’ with our very own taxes…… PLUS!…..We are contractually obliged to continue to ‘fund’ these PFI’s and put £millions into the back-pockets of the ‘Muggers’ who run the scheme, and then some who sit anonymously on the peripherals.

At the time of writing, the Street-Bandits have thrown £Trillions at our banks. They are now going to throw £millions at the ‘failing’ PFI’s. These are the very same people who originally GOT these ‘CARTEL’ contracts because they were ‘supposedly’ going to ‘save’ us all a fortune.

It has been noted that schools built by ‘profit-making firms’ (Read PFI’s) under a flagship public-private scheme are “significantly worse” in terms of space, heating, lighting and acoustics than new ‘traditionally funded’ primaries and secondaries, a watchdog has warned today.

So it would appear that we’ve all been sold a ‘rotten melon’ with the amazing ‘PFI’ school-funding system. It needs FAR greater scrutiny by the Whole Nation. It should also be scrutinised by ‘other’ Nations considering a similar fate. Our children (and communities) are our future. This is what ‘The Few’ know and are very afraid of. It is why ‘both’ are receiving such determined ‘Negative’ attention these days.


Your Children Are The New ‘Weapons of Social Warfare’


Your Children Are The New ‘Weapons of Social Warfare’.

In an earlier post I spoke of the need of ‘The Few’ to break up communities in any way they can. To ‘Divide and Conquer’ is their ongoing goal and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end.

I’ve also spoken about the awesome POWER that ‘Love’ holds.
How the biological form that is ‘Human’ depends on that precious energy that we exude and require in equal quantities.

Nothing comes close to the amount of ‘Love’ that is generated by our children. From the moment they enter this world of ours they become the ‘focus’ of our out-pouring of the ‘energy’ so important to ‘their’ growth as well as our own. I can’t imagine that anyone reading this who has had the privelage of having a child of their own, could possibly disagree.

‘The Few’ have used this ‘focus’ of our love to cojole and manipulate us in too many ways to list them here. But the most recent ‘abuse’ of our children has not been from paedophiles or mentally inadequate parents, (Although those are serious problems of course) it has been administered by the ‘architects’ of society.

The ‘Architects’ of society are those individuals who have no real power, but who are power-hungry. They are always left-of-centre politically who are so eager to please their masters and ‘puppeteers’ that they will do ‘everything’ that is asked of them without question. When ‘The Few’ initiate a dictate for them to enforce, they give them ‘power’ as their reward, and these weak minded ‘power-seekers’ will go into action immediately to do their bidding.

They have no ‘real’ morals or ethics.
They have no conscience or remorse.
They are ‘driven’ by their insatiable appetite for ‘POWER’ which they will strive for at any cost. Even at the cost of our childrens innocence, safety and long term welfare. ‘The Few’ demand, and ‘The Few’ will get whatever that might be. In this case, another nail in the coffin of our communities.

‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ which I hope you’ve read. (After all, it’s free to every reader of this article). Goes into detail about the ‘POWER’ of ‘LOVE’, and how we are all controlled by the fear of ‘losing’ any energy source that provides us with the energy of ‘Love’.

Their is no greater ‘energy source’ for Love than our own children. Even our partners with whom we produce our children can’t compete. (Sad though that truth may be). That being the undeniable TRUTH, it stands to reason that ‘The Few’ would have our children in their sights as the number ONE target in the war to destroy our communities, and therefore give them total power over us as a species.

It’s no coincidence that ‘education’ is one of the ‘Big Guns’ in this war. Our masters deem it necessary to introduce our children into ‘state control’, ie; school/nursery earlier and earlier into our childrens lives. Robbing them of their family ‘bonding’ and their ‘childhood’ in one foul swoop. All in the name of ‘Education’ of course.

In the UK the starting age for ‘compulsory’ nursery education will soon be TWO years old. That is not only unbelievable (though true) it’s also ‘SICK’ in the extreme.

Our masters can dress it up to look like a ‘necessity’ for our childrens welfare and future, but it’s all a part of the ‘bigger picture’ which is to ‘seperate’ and ‘indoctrinate’ the sources of our most valuable ‘energy source’, the LOVE of our children. Children ‘starved’ of love for long periods of the day are not being equipped to ‘give’ love to those most important in their existence. Their Parents.

The teachers and carers can’t give them Love, or ‘teach’ them how to love their parents, their sibblings, or their Grand Parents. They will have that MOST VALUABLE stimulation denied to them. They will grow up devoid of, and incapable of feeling the ‘POWER’ of true love.

The few hours left in the childs day after their ‘enforced’ indoctrination is not long enough to usurp the ‘energy’ of TRUE LOVE that their family are equipped to give them. They will grow up to find genuine signs of affection as a ‘threat’ to their person. They will become suspicious of even their own family members intentions toward them.

WHY? Because the ‘indoctrination’ also goes so far as to ‘educate’ the child to be ‘wary’ of those who show them affection, or too much attention. In the guise that all adults are dangerous. They are ‘The Bad-Guys’ who are out to harm them, and the very young don’t distinguish exactly WHO are ‘The Bad-Guys’ so become ‘wary’ of everyone.

Already, paranoia is a very real problem in society. The Media can’t and won’t control itself on these issues. Governments are passing privacy laws like there’s no tomorrow. Privacy laws that are inhibiting amateur and professional photographers alike, who are now having to ask themselves very serious questions before they even ‘think’ about taking a picture.

If there’s another persons child in the photograph, dare they take it? If it’s an area where children are known to play, either often, or occasionally, dare they take the photograph?

Thirty years ago, even less, these questions would have been unthinkable. But ‘The Few’ have indoctrinated society through our ‘left-wing’ power-hungry advocates, so that now everyone is totally ‘paranoid’ about being accused, or possibly arrested on a charge that they are in some way a ‘threat’ to our children.

I have just watched a programme on the TV which high-lighted the very real danger that our children are NOW facing, and that is the danger of being totally ignored when they could ‘genuinely’ be in very real danger. All because we in society have been trained very well that if we are seen to show ‘any’ sort of attention to a child that is not our own, let alone take them by the hand to lead them to safety, we are in danger of being accused of being a ‘threat’ to the child.

The programme makers set up two children, a young boy and a young girl apparently having ‘lost’ their parent somewhere in the shopping mall. The children were stood alone in the main area, individually at different times of the day, and were asked to act lost and upset. Each time, more than 100 people walked by, afraid to even make eye contact, before a ‘safety conscious’ member of the public stopped to offer help.

How would you feel if YOUR child got lost in a busy, large shopping mall, and nobody went to their aid? You would have every right to feel disgusted that no-one stopped to help your child out wouldn’t you? But would you have had the ‘courage’ to stop and help another persons child in that situation? It’s a question, that as a member of a so-called CARING society, we should NEVER even have to ‘consider’ answering.

We should ALL be able to feel comfortable approaching ‘any’ child in any form of danger or distress and offering a helping hand. Or, dare I say it; The Hand Of friendship.

But our ‘enlightened’ society has made the question ‘obligatory’. Our community spirit has been knawed away at by the ‘CANCER’ that is; ‘Political Correctness’. And ironically, the presenter of the programme was none other than Esther Rantsen. A self-proclaimed ‘Do-Gooder’ who helped to educate society on the very ‘dangers’ of adults around children, in her more mis-guided days when she was always looking for ‘A Cause’ to champion which would get her TV ratings up on her various shows in the 1970’s and 80’s.

You got the feeling that maybe now she realises that she was just one of the many legions of people who were ‘used’ by certain factions of the political spectrum and the ‘Media’ itself, to promote the alienation of adults from children.

She was a major part in the setting up of ‘Child-Line’, a do-gooder charity that is there to ‘protect’ children from the threat of ADULTS!

Children can phone in whenever they haven’t got their own way at home, and accuse Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt or Mr Jones down the road of almost anything they could dream up. Often splitting families and communities in all directions while ‘investigations’ take place into the ‘allegations’ of an irate child.

YES! I have no doubt that the charity does some ‘sterling’ work, and DOES help to protect ‘many’ genuine cases of abuse. For that it has to be applauded. But at what cost? Because we now have a society that is split in two between ADULTS and MINORS like never before. With both sides suspicious of each other.

One thing though is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.
‘The Few’ are rubbing their hands with glee, because their plans are panning out beautifully. Society is being ‘split’ in every direction, and the ‘Number One’ generator of TRUE LOVE is being systematically dismantled infront of our very own EYES, all in the name of ‘Education’.

When you’re packing ‘your’ TWO year old child off to nursery or school, remember this article well, and appreciate WHY you are abandoning your very own child to be indoctrinated by ‘real’ strangers who have a sub-conscious agenda to deprive YOU of the love you should be sharing with your child in his or her formative years.

Read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ (Top of sidebar) as well as the other articles in this Blog. They are a guiding light through the ‘mist of deceit’ that’s being generated all around you.