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UK Recession – Debt Busting Strategy:

It’s extremely disturbing to hear all of our politicians who are standing for re-election harping on about how CUTS in public spending are essential over the next four or five years. How we are all going to have to PAY for the mistakes of the Bankers Worldwide, not to mention Gordon Brown’s hand in all of this.

Why is nobody coming forward with the most sensible strategy to get us all out of this mess? Which is – letting business, large and small, WORK us out of the recession. It’s not rocket science. The Banks have more than enough funds to start lending the money needed by small-business start-ups and big business developments. They should be shamed, or forced to get that money flowing into the areas most needed. ie: the building industry, the mortgage industry and service industry start-ups.

At the end of the day, the money has to come from us, the British Tax-Payer. But ‘how’ it is recovered from us should be based on our personal capability to pay. That can only be decided by how much disposable ‘cash’ we have in our savings accounts.

There are a vast number of people who have the financial means to help us ‘buy’ this country out of recession but are reluctant to do so because they believe any future or present Government is definitely going to ‘punish’ them in many ways over the next four or five years.

At the same time, there are literally thousands of budding entrepreneurs just champing at the bit to get going with their new business ideas which will kick start the economy again and the resulting gain for the Government and ‘us’ is that more taxes will be raised, enabling the debt to be at first ‘stabilised’, and then repaid. All achieved by the hard work and ingenuity of ‘US’ the British people with the British Bulldog Spirit.

Yes, cuts in public spending WILL have to be made, but not in the NHS, Education, and our local council services, but in the Governmentally designed posts and projects of sheer folly like the ID card scam, the Kwango committee’s that are set up at a whim for almost ‘any’ problem beyond our simple politicians grasp, and of course – the biggest waste of money ever devised to literally ‘suck’ income out of the tax-payers purse – The (PFI) Private Finance Initiative.
The PFI is a structure designed to give jobs and ‘our’ money to ‘the boys’, and it has to stop, along with all the ‘back-hand-gang’ schemes operated by many local councils throughout the country, where these councils employ the services (under contract) of a select collection of ‘the boys’ network.

These companies rake in extortionate amounts of ‘our’ money as local council tax payers, they provide very shoddy workmanship which naturally requires more repair in the not-too-distant-future creating the ever-increasing-circle-of-wealth for these contractors, but a seriously fed up public who see it going on.

The ‘Back-Hand-Gang’ mentality needs no explanation, but the sooner they are dealt with and dissolved, with serious tenders for work being submitted by ‘Quality-Driven-Businesses’ the better it will be for everyone. It may be more expensive initially, but the ever increasing spiral of follow up repairs will fall dramatically, saving the tax payers millions or billions of ‘Our Pounds’ per year.

In conclusion – the Government got us ‘into’ this financial mess, but it will be the fighting spirit of the British public (of ALL creeds and colours) who will ‘work’ and ‘buy’ us OUT. All we need is a destructive government, and short-sighted Banks to get ‘out’ of the way and let us GO!