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The ‘Student Debt Trap’ is now set.

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It’s absolutely criminal that in the UK we are even ‘considering’ raising University Student tuition fees even higher still. A trap has been in development for some years now to ensnare our young and make them subservient adults. What better way than to ‘trap’ them as they enter University?

A generation ago, only genuinely ‘talented’ people were even considered for university. If you got a place, it was definitely a proud moment for ‘you’ and all of the family as well. (But then along came Blair. The ‘Brown-Crusaders’ Warrior).

He decided that ‘all’ children should be able to attend University as their birth-right. It didn’t matter if they were ‘bright’ enough, just so long as they got their university education which would ‘supposedly’ set them up for life in the work place. Of course, as usual with the degenerate ‘Blair-Warrior’, there was a price to pay. A price which would put the majority of these ‘bright’ students in ‘hock’ to the tune of £25,000 + when they leave University with a little piece of paper and some pomp and ceremony that tells everyone just how clever they are. (NOT!).

A governmental ‘target’ was set! 60% of ALL children in the UK were going to have University placements come hell or high water. They were all going to take out massive loans to ‘pay’ for the education which ‘MORALLY’ should be FREE! This would draw 60% at least, OFF of the dole queues where the government has to ‘pay’ them money. Into a ‘pseudo-education’ where ‘they’ have to pay the government. (Read – Street-bandits).

Now even to the most stupid politician, (and we have many) this makes economic sense. But to ‘The Brown-Crusader’ this is not only a brilliant ‘stealth-tax’ idea. It also correlates well with his plan to have a whole generation of ‘Adults’ subservient to governmental demands through the power of ‘DEBT’.

Most people are naturally very scared of incurred debt. Especially the sums of money that University Students are expected to sign up to. They don’t want the stigma and restrictions of bankruptcy, and they know that there are ‘severe consequences’ for those who attract the attentions of the dreaded ‘debt-collectors’ who have now been given new powers by the Street-Bandit government to ‘force’ their entry into ‘suspected’ debtors homes.

That ‘trap’ alone is surely bad enough. But now the ‘Brown-Crusader’ want to ‘DOUBLE’ the debt that our children incur in the name of ‘Higher Education’ which itself is an illusion that bares no credibility in the ‘Real World’ of the workplace in our modern world.

It’s said that soon, only the rich will be able to ‘afford’ to go to University. That’s only a dream I’m afraid, because the Street-Bandits are ‘insisting’ that the 60% University placement targets ARE met. They will not let this trap sit idle for a moment. There is simply ‘too much’ to lose by not meeting those targets, which I’ve no doubt will increase once they’ve obtained the relative ‘permission’ to double the fees already incurred by our young.

If you think this article is absolute hogwash and ‘rubbish’, then you’re living your life in a dream-world of the ‘lemmings’. The trap is about to ‘spring’ fully very soon. You need to impart the knowledge here in the direction of your loved ones and friends before they take that final ‘step’ into the man-trap that the ‘Blair-Warrior’ set long before he left office, and which ‘The Brown-Crusader’ has the pleasure of setting the bait.

SNAP! You’re caught!!



Having just watched a debate on TV between University chancellors, College admin and Students discussing the ‘Con-Dems’ new twist on the Student Grant National disgrace, it’s blatantly obvious that not only do they want to see only the rich taking the majority of ‘better’ University places nationwide, but they want the student to ‘take more responsibility’ for their own education and it’s cost.

In other words – we’re pulling a vast swathe of cash away from the higher education system which will mean a much lower standard of education for you – ‘unless’ – you are prepared to get even more into debt to be absolutely sure you still can’t find employment in the big wide world afterwards – and by the way, we think you need more time at University/College so that you can be indoctrinated more fully into thinking the way that ‘WE’ Your Masters dictate that you should think, and Yes! We want you to pay for that privelage as well.

We thought the Labour Government was sinister – well the game just stepped up another gear – You MUST read ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ before you never get the chance –