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My Reply to Tiffany Dow Salty Droid Post.

I posted this reply to Tiffany Dow this morning and I thought I’d share it on this blog because I feel that it’s TOO Important an issue NOT to pass along to others who are not aware of the ‘NLP Wars’ that are going on all around us and which we are ALL potential bystander victims of.

You can find Tiff at her Blog and enjoy her content which is genuinely aimed at ‘Helping’ internet marketers especially 🙂 Check her out after you’ve read my ‘Comment’ below.


Hi Tiff, just a thought here, bear with me.

You know how all of the religions and even religious leaders in the same faith all read different things into the same words? (Hence the resulting Wars since we inhabited this earth).

How NOT ONE of us will read a passage in any book and when asked to explain the meaning will ‘ever’ come up with the same explanation as another person? (well rarely anyway)

How politicians will spout meaningless words on their campaign trail, and because of the manipulation of the Media moguls our minds can be swayed to believe ‘almost’ anything they tell us to believe – with imagery and NLP?

The fact is, cleverer people than us ‘know’ exactly how to use NLP to their advantage. I’ve no doubt ‘The Syndicate’ use it all the time. I’m also in no doubt at all that ‘The Salty Droid’ is also an extremely clever, intelligent person who has discovered the magic of NLP and is also using it to their own ends. Even if only to get the blog ranked SO HIGH that the advertising revenue would make both yours and my eyes water at the thought 🙂

YES! The videos do look very condemning and they DO portray the ‘Syndicate’ in a bad light, but governments and the media especially have been crafting such videos and stories for years to discredit individuals or groups very successfully in the past, and will do so long into the future.

‘Every Religion’, no matter which one you choose, is MORE than guilty of this subtifuge to control their ‘Flocks’, it’s the ‘perfect’ control mechanism and we must ALL be on our guard at all times because NONE of us are exempt from the control that NLP has over us when administered skilfully.

I’m not being drawn to defend either camp here Tiff as I know both are using NLP. I’m just worried that you may have been suckered into the latest one, which being fresh to you has captured your imagination and empathised with your ethics and morals (The very place where NLP seeds grow the most effectively). I hope not because you might well be recording another heart-felt video sometime soon regretting the fact that you took sides in an arena where neither you, your readers and I, have any effective defences 😦

I’ve studied human behaviour for years now, and this is a classic case of NLP wars that you’ve been drawn into because of your high moral
stance (Which is certainly appreciated and has to be commended) and your overriding passion to help others.

I hope it doesn’t come back to bite you Tiff.